The Olympus Eye-Trek FMD-20P, for the Sony PlayStation two. : playstation


Released as an officially licensed PlayStation two solution about 2000 – 2003, this is an amazing various video output selection other than a regular Television. Created for traveling I think, as it also comes with stereo earphones attached. It outputs a image supposedly equal to that of a 55″ LCD screen when wearing them appropriately.

This is a Japanese NTSC/J version. The European PAL version is even tougher to track down. (Photo in comments)

This peripheral has its personal menu screen. Applied for unlocking the device itself with a password, adjusting the volume and show settings, along with a couple of other items. For the reason that this model’s menu was in Japanese, it was a tiny tough to navigate.

This issue expense me a fairly penny. Purchased it THE SECOND I ultimately located it.

It took me more than two years of looking auction internet sites actually each day!

Here’s an short article with additional information if folks are curious:

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