The 7 Largest Xbox Announcements from Opening Evening at Gamescom 2019


Hype, hype and extra hype. As with the make up to E3, speculation about prospective announcements has been going into overtime ahead of Gamescom this year. Will we see extra of Project Scarlett? Will we lastly see some Halo: Infinite gameplay? Will Splinter Cell 7 get confirmed? That final a single is major of my wishlist, by the way. 

Sadly, having said that, we got answers to none of these inquiries. There had been lots of smaller sized announcements but a lack of huge time reveals, which left me a tiny disappointed just after opening day. 

On the plus side, we did get treated to gameplay, and lots of it. This did really feel like it was on objective, due to a single of E3’s principal criticisms about the serious lack of gameplay at the expo. I’m fairly positive at a single point for the duration of the Opening Evening Reside show Geoff Keighley created an indirect dig highlighting this extremely challenge. 

Nevertheless, there was a steady stream of reveals all through the day and just in case you missed something, right here are the 7 greatest announcements from Xbox and opening evening at Gamescom 2019.

X019 London 

xo19 london

The gaming calendar feels busier than ever, and the sort people more than at Xbox are throwing a celebration, X019, in London from November 14th – 16th 2019. 

The celebration of all points Xbox promises news, reveals and other surprises, as properly as unique guests. Tickets will be offered for £19, and all proceeds will go to charity. 

Sounds like a very good deal all round – and we’ll definitely be there.

Blair Witch

Not only will it be right here extremely quickly, but it will also launch on Game Pass. 

Blair Witch is coming to Xbox on August 30th and is primarily based on the located-footage hit horror flick of the very same name. 

We had been treated to a new single player trailer, and it is protected to remain it appears scary as hell.

Xbox Game Pass Updates

xbox game pass games august 2019

It appears that no Xbox occasion or briefing would be total with out some new additions to the Xbox Game Pass service. The impressive catalogue continues to develop, and Gamescom is not about to break that trend. 

Readily available now for Xbox One particular are Stellaris: Console Edition and Devil May well Cry five and for Computer Age of Empires: Definitive Edition has been added. By the finish of August, Ape Out for Computer will be offered, and Kingdom Come Deliverance, Bard’s Tale four and Blair Witch will be added for each Xbox One particular and Computer. 

Of course, you can nevertheless take benefit of the great present of your initially two months of Game Pass Ultimate for £2, in particular as you will get the chance to play Gears five 4 days just before common release. 

Much more about that later.

Destiny two: Shadowkeep

Destiny two has been via some significant alterations not too long ago, and it is clear the group at Bungie are just as committed as ever to supporting the game. Much more RPG components are becoming introduced to the action, with a concentrate on personalisation and teamwork for players. 

On October 1st, a new season titled Season of the Undying will launch. The Vex are returning, and bringing all out war with them. 

There is nevertheless extra to be revealed ahead of Shadowkeep, but it is clear that Bungie are searching to retain loyal players invested in the game, while at the very same time making the great chance for newcomers to get stuck in.

Tiny Nightmares II

A sequel to the cult 2017 indie hit, Tiny Nightmares II appears to expand on the original in each and every way. The trailer featured a new playable character, Mono, as properly as new outside places.

The very same dark, moody vibe remains and there was definitely some teasing that combat will function in the game this time round – kitchen utensils you encounter can be employed as “weapons”, but we haven’t been told specifically how just however. 

Tiny Nightmares II is pencilled in for a 2020 release on Xbox One particular.


As quickly as I heard the words, “from the co-creator of Halo”, my interest instantly peaked. Disintegration is a brand new FPS from V1 Interactive, and is coming to Xbox One particular in 2020. 

In order to survive an increasingly harsh atmosphere on a future Earth, humans have had to “integrate” with technologies to survive. You finish up fighting against a regime hell bent on integrating all of humanity. The game will function each single and multiplayer gameplay alternatives, and promises to be anything unique.

Certainly a single to watch.

Gears 5 

I imply, so close to release, it had to be didn’t it? Gears five featured heavily at each the Inside Xbox show and correct at the major of Opening Evening Reside, spilling into hype overload. We found extra specifics about horde mode, which is an evolution of the very same mode from Gears of War two. In the new incarnation, every single character you play as has person ultimate skills ,and you can even play as Jack, who is described as a “jack of all trades”. If that wasn’t sufficient, it was also revealed that Kat and Emile from Halo Attain will also be playable. A cool notion, but also feels unnecessarily harsh at the very same time offered we are all salivating at the mouth for extra specifics on Halo: Infinite. 

“But what about the campaign?” I hear you cry. Fortunately these shrewd people at The Coalition have decided they have held off lengthy sufficient, and treated us to a brand new single player campaign trailer. A extremely familiar COG soldier appears to be back in action, and Kait is taking centre stage just after revelations about her lineage in Gears of War four. As properly as this, as The Swarm return a sinister and somewhat familiar enemy looms in the shadows. 

It is all extremely thrilling stuff, and a relief for these who could have believed Gears five was going to go half measures on a single player campaign. The game launches on September 10th, or if you have Game Pass Ultimate you can get your hands on it from September 6th.

And there we have it, some of the extremely most effective moments from the Xbox Gamescom 2019 show. What had been your favourite announcements from the conferences? Let us know in the comments under.


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