‘Sproots’ Combines ‘Pikmin’ & ‘The Sims’ in a Cute Survival Game


Micromanagers, assemble! If you are a fan of commanding each detail of your tiny creatures, in particular adorable ones, Sproots is for you.

You will have to use your wonderful leadership to assure the survival of these valuable leafy-pals.

You will be in handle of a modest colony of creatures referred to as Sproots. The Sproots are a complex bunch and want a lot of enable to survive. Every single sproot requires meals and water to reside you can command every single sproot to collect these issues. Simple, correct? Effectively, now you can get into the much more intricate information.

Sproots are not just cute, they’re wise also! They can study, understand capabilities, craft, and even pass on know-how to other sproots. You will want to make great use of these approaches simply because, like all issues, sproots are mortal. So, what superior use of a knowledgeable elder than to pass on their smarts to a sapling. Balancing gathering, studying, and nesting to make much more sproots will be difficult, but if you use all these solutions offered to you, you will have a thriving colony in no time.

Sproots is accessible now on itch.io.


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