Sony-owned studios might lean into a wider, non-PlayStation set up base in the future


PlayStation-owned game improvement studios, like the lately acquired Insomniac Games, might appear outdoors of their parent platform for some future releases.

A possible and modest departure from exclusivity was pointed out by SIE worldwide studios chairman Shawn Layden in a recent Bloomberg story on that Insomniac Games acquisition, with Layden noting that exclusives are vital but the business is nonetheless prepared to “lean into a wider installed base” with some future titles.

“We should help the PlayStation platform — that is nonnegotiable,” Layden told Bloomberg. “That mentioned, you will see in the future some titles coming out of my collection of studios which might require to lean into a wider installed base.”

No distinct games that could launch on non-PlayStation platforms are pointed out, even though Bloomberg notes that Computer-friendly multiplayer titles might be the sort of game he alludes to in the interview.

Even though it is a modest comment, Layden’s words come at a time exactly where other platforms (namely, Xbox) are also lightly tiptoeing away from exclusivity specifications. Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty, for instance, was quoted final week saying that the business would take into consideration letting its owned studios create for other platforms as lengthy the choice tends to make sense for that distinct franchise.


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