Season of the Undying Trailer Teases Vex Uprising


The Vex will be the subsequent important seasonal threat in Destiny two.

Destiny 2 Season of the Undying

A new story trailer for Destiny two: Shadowkeep was revealed through Stadia Connect but Bungie wasn’t performed there. It also unveiled a trailer for Season of the Undying, which kicks off with the release of Shadowkeep in October. Verify it out beneath even though be conscious that not a complete lot of it will make sense.

Primarily, it appears the Vex, the sentient race of time-traveling murder machines, is on the move. Ikora Rey of the Vanguard can be heard speaking about the Black Garden (the Vex’s so-referred to as birthplace) but also about how the machines are “answer” to the query posed by the former. Tends to make sense, proper?

Regardless, there will be a lot of threats to fight when Destiny two: Shadowkeep launches. Along with the Vex, players will head to the Moon in the expansion to fight an army of Nightmares. These Nightmares are composed of previous foes like Ghaul, Crota and substantially far more. Destiny two: Shadowkeep is out on October 1st for Xbox One particular, PS4 and Computer – remain tuned for far more information.


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