Remnant From the Ashes Overview: Merry Multiplayer Mayhem


I‘ve been playing Remnant From the Ashes all week and in this Overview I’m going to inform you what I believed of the game. If you haven’t heard of Remnant From the Ashes prior to, it is a Sci-fi third individual shooter that has some Souls-like mechanics, and was developed by Gunfire Games. Gunfire has created Darksiders three, and was not too long ago bought by THQ Nordic. This is a game we’ve had our eye on for a couple of months now, so without the need of additional ado, let’s get into it.

Remnant From the Ashes Overview: Merry Multiplayer Mayhem

Genre: Third Particular person Shooter/RPG
Created by: Gunfire Games
Published by: Ideal Planet
Release date: August 20th, 2019
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One particular, Computer
Value at the time of the assessment: $39.99

Story and Setting

Remnant starts as you arrive at Ward 13, a single of, if not the final bastion of humanity on Earth circa the early 1970s. The Ward is your dwelling base exactly where you undertake quests to cease an alien species identified as The Root from wiping you out. The Ward was founded by a man who has extended considering the fact that disappeared, and acquiring him is the essential to saving not only Earth, but numerous other worlds also invaded by the Root. You will have to locate out exactly where he went, and what occurred to him, prior to it is also late.

Gunfire truly did a descent job with these elements of the game, there is a lot to discover, and the planet styles are truly quite fantastic for a reduced spending budget studio. The story is deeper than it initial seems, and you can find out a lot from the NPCs in the Ward about what is going on. Every single planet feels one of a kind, with lots of techniques to go, but Remnant is in the end a extremely linear encounter, which may well disappoint some.


The gameplay of Remnant is what created this title so compelling to me, and I wasn’t disappointed right here. Combat is tight, and your character feels heavy and weighty. Your shots really feel fantastic and sound loud leaving your gun, and shooting enemies in their weak spots is especially satisfying. Melee Weapons are not just for show, and they can be applied at a moments notice, truly producing combat really feel smooth and responsive. This is the melee I wanted in Immortal Unchained!

When not fighting you will be exploring the game for randomly generated Dungeons and events that will give you with Boss encounters, and new upgrades. Upgrades come in the type of new Traits, Weapon Mods, Weapons, or Armor that your character can use. Which Boss Fights and Encounters you get will identify what loot you obtain, so each and every playthrough will be a bit distinct for absolutely everyone. On my second playthrough about half the Bosses and Encounters had been new, which I was pleasantly shocked to see.

Weapons and Armor in the game are extremely properly made and it is constantly fascinating when you get new gear. Nonetheless, in my initial playthrough I ended up only obtaining two new Weapons and three new Armor Sets inside the initial eight hours or so of playing. This left me playing with the gun I started the game with, and the Armor I started the game with for practically half my playthrough, which was extremely frustrating. This is a single of the largest flaws of the game, and in my opinion truly held the game back from getting a lot much more than it could have been.

Boss fights are difficult and for the most portion, properly made. Every single Boss itself appears and feels one of a kind, and you in no way really feel like something was copy pasted to inflate the Boss count of the game (I’m seeking at you God of War). Nonetheless, they had been extremely clearly developed with multiplayer in thoughts, and could be frustrating to solo players. Practically every single Boss fight in the game capabilities waves of spawning advertisements that in no way appear to cease coming, and juggling these and the Boss can be tricky for a single player to manage. Now think about carrying out it on every single Boss you face…


Remnant From the Ashes can be played with up to three players Co Op, and in my opinion, this is exactly where the game truly shines. With drop in drop out functionality, acquiring a game is effortless, even if you have no close friends. Progress is created only in the host game planet, but you retain every thing you get when playing there.

What I located especially fascinating, is that players have a tendency to fall into MMO like roles when playing Co OP, with typically a tank, healer and DPS. In my co op playthrough for instance, I was playing a squishy Ranged DPS in light armor, when my buddy was playing a tanky heavy armor dude with a Shotgun. He’d run in and take all the hits, when I hung back and shot more than him with my rifle. This seemed to function out rather properly for the most portion, and is anything I was absolutely not expecting to see take place. I like operating Dungeons in MMOs, so this was a correct delight.

Audio and Visual

Visually Remnant appears about how I would count on a 40 USD game to appear by a smaller sized studio. The graphics had been nothing at all to create dwelling about, but they had been not undesirable either. There had been a couple of pop ins that had been jarring right here and there, but not normally sufficient to truly ruin the encounter.

The voice acting of Remnant was far better than I anticipated, but it was not outstanding. Music was a bit of a mixed bag, and normally felt inappropriate for the region or circumstance, even though I did usually liked the songs they picked. Sound effects had been also extremely mixed, and normally instances you could hear enemies that sounded close by only to locate they had been truly not.

All in all, I was happy in this region, if only just. No one’s thoughts is going to be blown, but I do not anticipate also a lot complaining either. One particular factor I’d truly like to note right here as properly, is that on Computer I had nearly no bugs in 30 hours or so of playing, and the game only hung up on me when, forcing me to close it. I had zero crashes. Indie games commonly have way much more problems than Remnant, so they get a large kudos right here from me on this aspect.

Final Thoughts

I genuinely enjoyed my time playing Remnant From the Ashes, properly most of it anyway. The game suffers from pacing problems exactly where there are stretches of no genuine meaningful character progression for hours on finish, and then you are all of a sudden slammed with three or four fantastic upgrades. Gunfire has made the game to deliberately reward you for playing what is basically New Game Plus, by putting all the ideal stuff at the finish of your initial playthrough. It is a risky move, due to the fact if people today do not take pleasure in the journey to the finish, they may well not really feel like playing a second time. I was absolutely on the fence about it when I got there, but I am extremely glad that I did, and extremely glad I played it multiplayer the second time about.

It is truly challenging to emphasize just how a lot far better Remnant is when you are playing co op vs. single player. I honestly can’t keep in mind a game that was such a dichotomy in this region, and I’m attempting extremely challenging not to understate this. I in fact want that Gunfire had not integrated the alternative to play by oneself, as silly as that sounds, due to the fact I worry people today will get the incorrect thought about the game in its existing state. If Remnant did not have multiplayer, it would be an typical game at ideal. Fortunately it does!

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Summary: Remnant From the Ashes is bound to be a polarizing game, a lot like Dark Souls was when it initial released, and I very anticipate scores to swing wildly from outlet to outlet. Players may well locate that their initial playthrough is not what they had hoped for, and they could create the game off due to the fact of this, and I practically did so myself. Nonetheless, there is a lot much more to Remnant than it seems, and the deeper you dig, the much more you will locate that the issues you loved about the Souls series are present, just in smaller sized quantities. For 40$ USD I assume this game is priced about proper if you are seeking for a new multiplayer encounter with your close friends that will final among 15-30 hours, based on how numerous playthroughs you do. Nonetheless, if you intend to play single player, I would wait for a sale or for Gunfire to add much more content material. Remnant From the Ashes is absolutely a game you ought to play, it really is just a matter of when and for what value.

Story &amp Setting (six)

Gameplay (eight.five)

Replayability (7)

Audio &amp Visual (7)

Pricepoint (7.five)


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