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Mochi Mochi Boy is a new puzzle game on PS4 and PS Vita from Ratalaika Games and Pixelteriyaki with a pair of Platinum trophies for you. Study much more in our Mochi Mochi Boy evaluation!

Mochi Mochi Boy has to rescue his pals from the Devil! In order to do this, you ought to be clever adequate to outwit the Devil by stretching, twisting, and warping more than every tile previous 130+ floors of his tower. Be cautious although, as soon as you move more than a tile, you cannot go exactly where you have currently been! Twist meticulously for hidden dangers like spikes, bombs, spring traps, and monsters in the devilish dungeon mode.

Customize Mochi Mochi Boy’s look in the paint location and admire all of his gooey pals in the gallery.

Mochi Mochi Boy Options:

* 138 floors to conquer in story tower mode of intricate puzzle platforming challenges

* 10 randomly generated floors in dungeon mode

* Customize Mochi Mochi Boy’s colour in paint mode

* Gather more than 100 slime pals and view them in the gallery

This is a double evaluation for Mochi Mochi Boy. EdEN and Ceidz played the game, and this evaluation presents what they each had to say.

Mochi Mochi Boy Review - 54

Mochi Mochi Boy and all his pals have been out getting a excellent time when they ended up getting into the Devil’s domain. Mainly because of this, the Devil decided to kidnap Mochi Mochi Boy’s pals as punishment, locking them away in distinctive treasure chests in his preserve. Mochi Mochi Boy, getting the big entity that he is, was deemed as well significantly of a burden to carry back, so he was left behind. It is now up to him to go straight into the Devil’s castle to rescue his pals ahead of it is as well late, in this colorful and entertaining puzzle game!

The game’s controls are really quick to recognize given that all you want to do is move Mochi Mochi Boy with the left analog stick or the D-Pad. That is it! No buttons to be concerned about for this one particular as you move Mochi Mochi Boy about every of the more than 100 puzzles. To total a stage, you will want to use your character’s physique to cover the whole stage devoid of leaving a single tile uncovered. You want to preserve in thoughts that you cannot move via strong objects, and that there are warps of distinctive colors that will send you from one particular to the one particular that matches its colour.

Mochi Mochi Boy Review - 3

The initial stage in the game will show you all the things you want to understand given that it will have Mochi Mochi Boy get started at the best of the screen, with a single linear path straight down the middle of the screen for you to stick to. You cannot go anyplace else given that the path is flanked by factors you cannot go via, so you will be finishing this “tutorial” stage in a couple of seconds at most. Just tap, tap, tap away to move Mochi Mochi Boy from get started to finish, and you will be on your way to saving your pals.

If there are no objects in your way about any of the sides of a stage, then Mochi Mochi Boy can go more than from one particular side of the stage to the other! You will not be employing this significantly for the duration of the initial set of stages, but you will be generating excellent use of it in the later levels. These will demand you to not only wrap about one particular side of the screen to the other, but also to do this even though generating certain to enter the proper pair of colored warps to cover the stage totally. The one particular tip I can give you is that no matter how a lot of distinctive pairs of colored warps, you want to spend interest to exactly where every leads given that some stages can be completed devoid of getting to use all warps.

Mochi Mochi Boy Review - 2

As you play Mochi Mochi Boy, which I got to play on the PlayStation Vita for this evaluation, you will get started to locate your lost pals, which EdEN talked about in his introduction for this double evaluation, in the chests positioned at distinctive components of some of the stages. You will want to gather these chests to free of charge your troubled pals, so ahead of you get started moving, as quickly as you enter a stage that has a treasure chest with one particular of the poor trapped slimes, you need to program your route so that you do not finish up generating as well a lot of blunders!

One thing I noticed proper away is that you cannot just preserve a path pressed on the left analog stick or the D-Pad to preserve Mochi Mochi Boy moving in the exact same path, which felt weird at initial. I then realized this tends to make a lot of sense for this puzzle game, given that moving your character one particular tile at a time tends to make it probable to stay clear of generating the error of moving in a path you didn’t intend to move, as in later stages one particular false move will force you to restart the level given that you will not be capable to cover the whole location.

Mochi Mochi Boy Review - 1

Along with the primary Tower mode exactly where you go out on a quest to rescue your slime pals who have been captured by the imply Devil, there is also the Dungeon mode in which you will get to play randomly generated stages! For this one particular, you want to total a set of ten puzzles as rapid as probable for the reason that enemies, which are secure to touch at the get started of a level, will get angry and turn red if you take as well significantly time to total a level, and it is then that they turn out to be risky! There are also spikes that can give you an immediate game more than if you touch them, as effectively as bombs that will explode if you make a error and bump into a wall. If you make blunders and ought to restart a level, you will shed some seconds from the general timer, but if you total a stage, you will be rewarded with added time.

One more Ratalaika Games release implies that trophy hunters will get the opportunity to add two Platinum trophies to their collection. This time about the list consists of nothing at all but Gold trophies that will unlock as you progress via the game rescuing your slimes pals and reaching levels six, twelve, eighteen, twenty-4 and thirty in Tower mode, as effectively as reaching levels two and 3 in Dungeon mode. This need to take you about 20-30 minutes, based on your ability with puzzle games.

Mochi Mochi Boy Review - 6

Final Thoughts
Mochi Mochi Boy is a entertaining minimalist puzzle game that will preserve you busy for a even though, with its 138 puzzle levels to total, much more than 100 slime pals to rescue, and the added challenge of the ten-level Dungeon mode exactly where the challenge will be randomized every single run you do. $four.99 will get you each the PlayStation four and the PS Vita version of the game for this cross-invest in release, with two separate trophy lists and a Platinum trophy at the finish of every road.

Mochi Mochi Boy Review - 5

This Mochi Mochi Boy evaluation is primarily based on PlayStation four and PlayStation Vita copies offered by Ratalaika Games.

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