Playing ‘The Witcher 3’ on the Switch should not perform, but it does


Some issues had to adjust, and according to Piotr Chrzanowski, Senior Producer at CD Projekt Red, it took more than a year to get to right here. The aim was often to replicate the whole console Witcher expertise (if not the Computer 1) on Nintendo’s hybrid console, which has its personal challenges beside sheer GPU energy.

“There was also the challenge of dual play [playing it handheld], exactly where we had to scale issues to perform. It runs on the battery, we will need to assure the compact print on-screen was readable, workable,” he stated.

Apart from the truth that it runs at all, I was most shocked by how the audio did not look heavily impacted or crunched to match on to a single game cart. All the dialogue is nonetheless right here, such as the cloying-but-universe-creating compact speak from NPCs as you dash previous them to slay a vampire or fetch some random item.

There is some audio compression at play, but it really is not aggressive sufficient to ruin The Witcher three‘s charm. Visually, extra work was necessary. Chrzanowski explained: “We worked on issues like textures, and draw distance, to optimize gameplay in a sensible way.” Judging from my playtime, it also appears like minor graphical flourishes, like shadows, had been easier or decreased to lighten the graphical load.

Chrzanowski continued, explaining what else helped shrink the game: “We rescaled textures, when reduce-scenes run at 720p [when docked].” The thrust appears to be generating it smaller sized with out losing something in specific. You will have heard the game runs with dynamic resolution. If extra is going down graphically about you in The Witcher three, the Switch will step down resolutions, prioritizing 30 frames per second more than fidelity. The suitable option, in my opinion.

I played The Witcher three exclusively in handheld mode — which tends to make sense with a handheld-only Switch on the horizon, as nicely as a game most of the assembled journalists have played at 1080p. Due to decreased graphical energy when undocked, it was a showcase in how the game can run. The dynamic resolution shifts are noticeable, yes, but did not influence how I played, which was a relief.

witcher 3

To be truthful, I liked the dreamy smudginess of “Blood and Wine” chapters of the game — we had been offered absolutely free rein to hop about the game to see how iconic locations had been realized. If you have not played The Witcher three prior to, “Blood and Wine” requires a fairy tale-esque path, with vibrant colors and green fields providing a respite from the grimmer grey-brown of most of the globe.

Even if Geralt of Rivia, our Witcher hero, is surrounded by lake hags or wolves, the game runs at a fair clip. That stated, this Switch port is not a panacea: You can nonetheless die by jumping a small also enthusiastically downhill the battle mechanics are nonetheless messy and chaotic with out a keyboard the game can nonetheless glitch-out and ruin your playthrough and there are nonetheless some rough difficulty spikes. Nevertheless, the technical accomplishment right here — a transportable version of The Witcher three — is an amazing feat. All the DLC is right here, all the options, all the skills, all the beasts and monsters. Nothing’s been removed, game-smart. Energy crunching aside, it really is nonetheless a beautifully realized globe to discover, also.


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