One particular Punch Man: A Hero No one Knows Lets You Win Fights in a Single Hit


When arena-brawler One particular Punch Man: A Hero No one Knows was 1st announced, absolutely everyone wondered just how the heck it would function. Right after all, major character Saitama is the titular One particular Punch Man — he can beat everyone or something in a single blow. Not precisely a good mechanic for a fighting game, suitable?

This new trailer for the game sheds a tiny far more light on how items will essentially function. As it turns out, yes, you will be in a position to knock your opponent out in 1 hit — but there is a catch. You start out battles as a diverse character, and the far better that you fight, the quicker Saitama arrives on the scene. As soon as he gets there, you fundamentally cannot drop.

We assume this mechanic is a story mode function, but if that is the case, does that imply Saitama is not playable anyplace else? Certainly not? It really is a enjoyable mechanic, but we nonetheless do not truly comprehend how it’ll be balanced. If he’s permitted on the web, we know who we’re maining!

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