Monkey Ropes Beginner’s Guide: Guidelines, Cheats, and Tactics


Zipline Valley is a physics-primarily based puzzler that challenges you to build a zipline amongst two various homes that will give secure passage for a bunch of civilians.

You tap and hold on a zipline to drag it about the screen, making a secure path that avoids obstacles amongst the two homes. There’s added challenge in collecting coins littered about every single level.

In this guide, we’re going to stroll you by means of this entertaining tiny puzzler, explaining the fundamentals of how it functions ahead of moving onto some a lot more distinct strategies and tricks.

Zipline Valley Beginner’s Guide – How it Performs:

Zipline Valley challenges you to assistance a bunch of civilians safely navigate a zipline amongst homes. Initial you have to draw the zipline by tapping and dragging it with your finger to draw a line amongst the two homes.

It is under no circumstances as straightforward as just that although, as there are a bunch of obstacles you will also have to steer clear of along the way. This involves the likes of missiles and spinning blades, which will reduce your hapless civilians to shreds if you are not cautious.

Complicating factors additional, you will typically locate a series of coins dotted about every single level, which you can gather to invest on boosters. These will make your life a lot a lot easier through the tricky later levels.

You will also sometimes have to choose up trapped civilians all through the numerous levels. Random obstacles and objectives will crop up as you play, maintaining you on your toes. Generally anticipate a level of random.

Zipline Valley Guidelines and Tricks:

  • Program your path: Take a glance at the level ahead of you even commence to swipe that zipline. Program out a route that avoids all of the obstacles and picks up all of the coins and civilians along the way.
  • Stay away from obstacles: It need to go with out saying why avoiding obstacles is important, but incase you are unsure the purpose that they’re undesirable is that they will actually kill your poor civilians in gruesome strategies. No 1 desires that.
  • Choose up coins and civilians: Gather coins and civilians as you pass due to the fact it is the good point to do. You will also have a lot more currency to use energy-ups later.
  • Save energy-ups for when you are struggling: Speaking of them, you shouldn’t use energy-ups anytime you really feel like it. They’re seriously costly, and saving up for even 1 requires time. We suggest making use of them only when you locate a level you are struggling with.
  • When you tap, you cannot quit the civilians moving: As quickly as you have completed your zipline, wait for an opportune moment to tap to send your civilians down the zipline. When you have tapped, you cannot quit the civilians moving.


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