MDStudio released on GitHub | RetroRGB


Nicolas Hamel aka Gouky has released the MDStudio on GitHub.  The project is nevertheless in improvement but the MDStudio is an code assembler for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.  This project was created to assist help developers who want to generate games for the Mega Drive/Genesis.  It is constructed off of Visual Studio 2017 and makes use of DGen as an emulator to assist with the back finish.  Even though a new back finish is coming out which will let for debugging on actual hardware.  This portion nevertheless and other places are nevertheless a perform in progress, and the all round project is beneath heavy improvement going forward.  So save your perform often…  Gouky also received assist on creating this project from the creator of TangleWood, Matt Phillips from Major Evil Corporation.  If you are seeking into or possibly generating games for the Mega Drive/Genesis.  This could be the tools for you.


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