In Critique: Venom Gaming Quad Charging Station For The Nintendo Switch


It is been a small although considering the fact that I’ve basically taken a person, broken it down and reviewed it, hasn’t it? But that time has come once again!

Now, as you may possibly know, I lastly got my hands on the Nintendo Switch a couple of months back. Considering that then, it has immediately grow to be my faovurite console of the existing generation. This comes from the games and the hardware.

Portion of this adore for the Switch comes from the transportable nature of it – it is a brilliant addition to the console for a parent. On the other hand, the truth that you can only charge 1 pair of Joycons at a time with the base unit does leave a bit of a gap. That stated, Venom Gaming have a neat small accessory for the Nintendo Switch that is supposed to enable with that the Quad Charging Station.

So, let’s take a appear at the Quad Charging Station and see if it is worth finding, shall we?


The initial aspect of the Venom Gaming Quad Charging Station that we’re going to appear at is its usability. This, of course, is an aspect of that alterations wildly based on the item in query.

In regards to the Quad Charging Station, this refers to two distinct factors

  • Is it constructed nicely?
  • Is it transportable?

As a parent to a young kid, it is actually essential that the create high quality of something I get my hands on is of a higher high quality. It requires to be capable to withstand the complete force of a child’s curiosity.

The Quad Charging Station is constructed from plastic and does not try to hide that. On the other hand, it does not really feel like it is created from affordable plastic at all. It feels sturdy and sturdy, which is a substantial optimistic in my books. There’s even that delightful click that the Switch is recognized for when you slot your Joycons into it.

It is also actually lightweight, regardless of becoming so sturdy (and my daughter has tested the durability currently). This indicates that the Quad Charging Station is actually quick to carry about with you.

Confident, it is also bulky to match in your pocket, but it can be moved about with ease. So I would say that the Quad Charging Station ticks the ideal boxes when it comes to usability.


The effectiveness of a charger actually indicates regardless of whether it is basically capable to charge the item it is created for. So, in that sense, the Quad Charging Station meets the criteria. On the other hand, there’s a bit additional to unpack from that.

As I stated earlier becoming capable to only charge 1 pair of Joycons at a time can be rather frustrating… So, with the Quad Charging Station becoming capable to charge twice as lots of, it becomes a superb tool to have about. You can play on the Switch with 1 set of Joycons while your other pairs are finding charged.

They also charge rather immediately also.

This is also exactly where the portability of the Quad Charging Station comes into play once again, also. Due to the fact it makes use of a USB-C cable to connect to a energy supply, you can plug it in quite significantly anyplace! If you want to charge your Joycons in the car or truck, at a table in IKEA or in your workplace, you can. As lengthy as there is a USB port or a USB to mains adaptor, you are all set to go.

So tick that off as a different win for the Venom Gaming Quad Charging Station!


The final aspect of the Quad Charging Station that we will need to appear at is the price. Immediately after all, that is typically 1 of the crucial deciding elements for me anytime I obtain one thing. As a parent, I will need to be confident that I am finding worth for cash from one thing, considering the fact that that cash could go to a toy or one thing for my daughter.

With that in thoughts, along with the successes for Usability and Effectiveness, it may come as a surprise to you that Amazon UK sells the Quad Charging Station for just £13.99! That is absolutely nothing.

In truth, the price is so cost-effective that I can not enable but wonder why I didn’t get 1 of these sooner. Amongst the price, usability and effectiveness of the Quad Charging Station, you unquestionably get that worth for cash that is so essential to me.

And That is All People

All in all, I’m actually impressed with the Quad Charging Station. It is cost-effective and however offers a terrific efficiency as a transportable charger for two pairs of Joycons.

Considering that opening up the box, the Quad Charging Station has been a steady of my gaming space, permitting me to make certain that I can usually play Breath of the Wild or any other Nintendo Switch game devoid of the be concerned of my Joycons operating out of battery.

So, if you are seeking for a charging resolution and will need it to function actually nicely and be transportable, then Vemon Gaming’s Quad Charging Station is a terrific answer.

Have you the Quad Charging Station? What do you consider of it? Let me know in the comments under!

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