Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is now 65% Off


Beamdog has
been mighty generous with the sales not too long ago. This week it is Icewind Dale:
Enhanced Edition’s time to be in the spotlight, 65% off its original cost of

Icewind Dale – A Beamdog Beauty

Dale is a Dungeons &amp Dragons game set in the northernmost reaches of the
Forgotten Realms. In other words, consider north of the wall in Game of Thrones.
The terrain is harsh and complete of mountains and icy tundra’s, only the hardiest
folk settle in these components.

released in the year 2000, Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition enables us mobile
gamers to go on an epic adventure. What tends to make any game from Beamdog worth
selecting up is the lengthy campaign and the cross-platform multiplayer.

If you
are interested in embarking on a legendary quest, then why not grab a copy of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition now?


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