How to Turn into a Chef


Rather surprisingly, becoming a chef is 1 of the most tricky jobs to receive in the smash hit text-primarily based life simulator. That is for the reason that it relies on luck much more than fairly substantially every single other job aside from probably the pilot.

Thankfully for you, we’ve worked challenging to figure out precisely what you have to do to come to be a chef to take some of the guesswork out of it. It’ll nevertheless call for lots of patience and luck, but hopefully this will make the road to becoming a chef a lot smoother.

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How to Get a Job as a Chef in BitLife:

The most frustrating aspect of obtaining a job as a chef in BitLife is that it relies on an awful lot of luck rather than something meaningful you can do inside the game.

That is for the reason that the entry level jobs seldom come to be offered on the job listings, so you will most likely have to get an unrelated job initially then devote a lot of time checking the listings, ageing, checking once again, and so on.

Just before we get to that although, let’s go by way of the standard specifications for obtaining a job as a chef. Thankfully, you do not have to have to go to university as an education at neighborhood college much more than suffices.

You also do not have to have to have especially sturdy statistics, with a mere 60% intelligence sufficing to get you the entry level function in the chef globe.

As soon as you have completed neighborhood college, we propose just obtaining the highest paid job offered to you on the jobs listings board and just periodically checking the listings and ageing till a relevant job becomes offered. Really feel free of charge to pursue other targets in the meantime.

You are hunting for these jobs:

  • Line Cook
  • Brief Order Cook
  • Apprentice Chef

Apprentice Chef is arguably the greatest of the bunch, but any of the 3 will get you exactly where you have to have to be.

Immediately after you have got oneself an entry level job in the globe of getting a chef, you are going to want to perform as challenging as attainable every single single year till you get the highest position of Executive Chef.

What’s This Rumour About it Taking 3 Years?

A lot of guides on the world wide web state that you have to have to have worked in any job for at least 3 years just before the entry level chef jobs commence to seem. We haven’t verified this for ourselves, but it is worth maintaining in thoughts.

Eventually, it is tricky to predict as the chef job seriously does appear to seriously on random possibility much more than something else.


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