Have you completed your component and reviewed your indie games?!? You need to even even though it can be a tiny bit tedious! : Steam


Hi fellow humans,

I noticed lately that I essentially forgot to assessment a bunch of games on Steam. If you forgot to assessment the games you like or dislike please do it. It increases the visibility of these games and offers them a fair likelihood to be found. Steam is a massive platform and you are sort of component of it. Never just just assessment the game with a single word. Give the players a recommendation or reference points so that they figure out what they count on. If you have a video assessment hyperlink that in the assessment as effectively.

I myself do not like the technique with recommending or not advise with out nuance but that is what we have to deal with correct now.

Anway, I created a collage of all the assessment I created these days 🙂

Post image

All the evaluations I created these days:)


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