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Ever due to the fact we announced Final Fantasy VIII Remastered at E3, fans have been wondering… when will it be out? The answer is… September three, 2019. Yes, it is that quickly!
We’re delighted to see this classic title come to life like by no means prior to with enhanced visuals and a bevy of improvements to make your journey even far more pleasant.

Be prepared to jump in with Squall, Rinoa, and close friends on day 1. Pre-order Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on PlayStation four and get a Final Fantasy VIII Static Theme!

What is Final Fantasy VIII Remastered?

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered tells an epic and emotional story about war and adore. The militarized nation of Galbadia has formed an alliance with the Sorceress Edea in a bid for planet conquest. Amid the conflict, Squall Leonhart and a group of fellow students from Balamb Garden’s mercenary force, SeeD, head into the conflict.

With each other with his close friends, Squall joins Rinoa Heartilly, a member of a resistance group, on an adventure that holds the fate of their planet in its balance.

This Remastered edition of the game enhances the original adventure with some cool new capabilities:

  • Enhanced visuals: Various characters, enemies, GF, and objects have been refined to appear greater than ever prior to.
  • Battle Help: Activate this booster to max out HP and ATB bars – and trigger Limit Breaks at any time. You will drop all HP when you get hit by a essential attack that offers far more harm than your HP, or by lethal harm.
  • No encounters: Want to discover without the need of worry of attack? Activate this choice to turn off random encounters. Occasion battles have to nonetheless be performed in order to advance the story.
  • 3x speed increase: Accelerates time by a issue of 3 – best if you want to speed via uncomplicated battles or get someplace in a hurry. This function will not apply to specific scenes such as motion pictures.

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