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Die Young requires components of survival games, but also adds a thrilling narrative knowledge as you fight to survive on an unforgiving Mediterranean island.

It is the method of quite a few survival games to just abandon the player in an open planet and leave them to survive, craft and advance with out any sort of guidance or story.

Die Young has a unique method, interweaving a narrative into the survival mechanics to make a new and exclusive knowledge.

You play as a lady who has been kidnapped and dragged to a Mediterranean island for causes unknown. Your quantity a single enemy is the sun, so hydration is crucial to surviving and at some point escaping the island. Discover to learn the island’s history and secrets, then tool your self up to fight the deadly threats that are hidden inside the wonderful landscape.

Die Young has been in early access on Steam because June 2017, but is ultimately prepared for a complete release on September 12th.

You can download and play the prologue for the game for cost-free, which provides you a 1-two hour taste of the story and gameplay. Verify out the trailer under.

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