Desperados III Unveils New Character Isabelle Moreau


Desperados III Isabelle Moreau Banner

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Mimimi Games have released a new trailer for Desperados III introducing character Isabelle Moreau.

Verify Out the Desperados III’s Isabelle Moreau Reveal Trailer:

Right here is an introduction to the character, by means of THQ Nordic:

“Born and raised in New Orleans, Isabelle has mastered the occult procedures of voodoo. She is in a position to slip into the thoughts of her enemies and handle their actions. Also she can establish a dark bond among two foes, that let them share the similar fate—so if 1 throat gets sliced, the other 1 will also bleed out. But these powers come with a price tag for Isabelle, a blood sacrifice she has to supply anytime she decides to use her powers. She can not use just any blood for this, as it has to be her quite personal. “

Desperados III is due out for PlayStation four, Xbox 1, and Computer in 2019.

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