Borderlands three does not have loot boxes for the reason that they do not “feel like a Borderlands thing”


Borderlands three is out subsequent month, and it is a single of the most anticipated games of the year. Regardless of a slight quantity of confusion earlier in the year with regards to microtransactions there will be cosmetic DLC in the game, but otherwise Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford’s comments about there getting no “free-to-play sort of stuff” in Borderlands three has rung correct so far.

Even so, we wanted to be certain. We spoke to Borderlands three producer Chris Brock at Gamescom to address a single thorny subject in unique – loot boxes and irrespective of whether they would function in the game, maybe as a way of acquiring these cosmetic microtransactions.

Brock confirmed that Borderlands three would not have loot boxes at all. When he admits that “there are genres and there are games exactly where loot boxes work”, adding “I can comprehend that sentiment in a cost-free to play game, it tends to make sense.” Even so, with regards to the lack of loot boxes within Borderlands three, Brock says they’re not in the game for the reason that they do not “feel like a Borderlands thing”.

“We do not do them in our games,” he says. “I’m not saying we’ll by no means do them in any games ever, but it does not really feel like a Borderlands issue.” According to Brock, Gearbox does not even feel of monetization techniques like that, and just goes with what fits the game. “I feel we have a tendency to lead with the shooter/RPG aspect of it.”

Brock also spoke about the rumours about Borderlands three prior to it was officially revealed, exactly where a lot of players have been expecting the worst – such as for it to be either riddled with loot boxes and microtransaction, or even be a Fortnite clone. “People have been like ‘I bet its a mobile game, I bet its a battle royale game’. They have been expecting all the things but Borderlands three.”

“There was this assumption that we have been going to adopt a lot of the modern day trends,” he continues. Rather, Gearbox is “actually creating precisely the issue they want us to make, we’re creating a complete-featured Borderlands game.” Brock even suggests that there was stress to make the game extra like Destiny or Fortnite, but Gearbox didn’t want to do that. “The games sector wanted to zig, and we wanted to zag.”

“If we’re going to come back following getting away for so extended, let’s come back with a thing generous and familiar. Do not feed into that cynicism.”

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