Apex Legends boss apologizes for Reddit dust-up, but there’ll be no auto-da-fé for the devs


It was just a matter of time just before the apology came out – we all know how this script goes.

Yesterday we covered the weekend blow-up amongst Reddit and Apex Legends employees, as Respawn executive producer Drew McCoy responded to an expletive-laden player insult with a pointed clapback for its writer, all set against a backdrop of problematic monetization for the EA battle royale and exchanges that involved copious amounts of abuse for developers, some of whom known as players “freeloaders” for objecting to the company’s company model.

By final evening, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella posted an apology, suggesting that even although players had been lobbing “toxic and nasty comments” like death threats, he didn’t want Respawn to contribute to the toxicity.

It does not sound as if the Reddit mob nevertheless calling for the personnel to be fired will be sated this summer time in reality the Twitter responses are in basic supportive of the developers involved – and they’d like to get back to the actual discussion about monetization now, thanks.


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