A Difficult-Hunting Way To Hold PlayStation Controllers


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Years back, Kotaku reported on an inventive way to hold a DualShock and play From Software’s mecha game Armored Core. Now in 2019, it is back.

In Japanese, this grip style is named densetsu no AC mochi (伝説のAC持ち) or “legendary Armored Core grip.” This grip style is so legendary in Japan that it is even created a manga appearance!

By means of NicoNico, this old clip shows the grip in action.


At the time, I initially assumed that this was a gag. That is specifically what Japanese forum customers mentioned when the photo very first surfaced.

But was this ever a true issue? Back when Kotaku initially reported this story, mecha game specialist Ollie Barder mentioned, “Basically, fans took the piss out of the reality that the game essential you to have about 15 fingers and that ‘this’ was the only answer. It is 1 of these satirical gaming points I believe as I’ve under no circumstances observed any of my AC playing buddies in Japan playing the game this way—bear in thoughts I’ve participated in tournaments back in the PS2 days also!”

Lately, Twitter user Jiro-chan showed off the this style of controller grip.

But Jiro-chan is not utilizing this for Armored Core, but Fortnite!

It is appears at least 1 other individual has also employed this for a non-AC game. Above a streamer shows how to use it for Black Ops III.

Jiro-chan does not advise this grip since it created her pinky fingers hurt. I do not advise it since it appears bonkers.

This short article was initially published on January 24, 2012. It has given that been updated.


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