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A new mysterious island to discover, complete of warring factions and unknown natives. Deep customisation and a levelling technique. A compelling story with options to be created. Seafaring and magic. Sounds like a dream RPG, proper?

It sounds just as well great to be correct. But developer Spiders has set its sails higher, and we are steadily approaching the hallowed grounds of GreedFall. Considering that its announcement, expectations have been higher, and the additional gameplay trailer (beneath) has gone a lengthy way to guarantee these expectations will be met.

We’ve scoured these trailers like a treasure map to bring collectively the 10 causes to be excited about GreedFall. Like in the game’s story, there will be hidden treasure along the way, but the trailers have also created the fortunes of GreedFall clear for everybody to see.

Its Story Has Guarantee

Small has been revealed about the plot of GreedFall. It is clear, even so, that your character sets sail on a voyage to an unknown island, named Teer Fradee, in search of answers. Interestingly, the story trailer also reveals that the player’s character aims to “heal his people today.” There’s a deadly plague crossing the lands, and the remedy appears to be positioned inside Teer Fradee.

This strange island holds a lot of mysteries: from monsters to warring factions. Possibly the overarching story will be primarily based on conquering the inhabitants who the Royal Family members see as ‘their people’. But it could also recommend that the playable character does not basically match in with the Royalty, and that they may perhaps basically be associated to a group of people today on the island.

It Has an Fascinating Menagerie of Monsters

Each gameplay trailers have shown off a vast array of monsters. Some of these have been shown to destroy the fleet’s ships and result in total havoc, even though other individuals look to be naturally calm and not intent on causing destruction. Either way, they add to the grandeur of the setting.

These monsters also add one more layer to GreedFall. Each trailers show combat taking spot involving characters and creatures, and this could nicely be a important portion to the game. Some moments in the trailers even look to hint at boss fights against these monsters. It could nicely be a single of the most compelling components to GreedFall.

The setting

Teer Fradee appears ripe for adventure. The atmosphere varies from forest-like locations to cities and villages, and as the key plot of the game is primarily based about discovering extra of the island, it tends to make sense that the setting is a single that you will want to discover. But even if exploration didn’t play a function it would be tough to resist, primarily mainly because of how unbelievable the island appears.

The trailer cites that “secrets, treasure and adventure” await on the island, so it appears that there’s going to be lots to find out. And we currently know there will be merchants, so exploring may perhaps nicely be the most effective way to get wealthy in GreedFall. We cannot wait to do so.

Diverse Factions

In some methods, GreedFall appears comparable to Horizon Zero Dawn, which featured a range of distinctive natives who had their personal religious beliefs/cultures that conflicted with other individuals. GreedFall appears to similarly have distinctive factions on its island, all of which look to be in battle.

Putting the key character in the middle of this will certainly offer lots of chance to find out extra about the lore of the island and to opt for a side. It’ll also hopefully add layers to the story, with a sophisticated and deep narrative. We cannot wait to come across out extra about the inhabitants of Teer Fradee.


The key character can be customised from the extremely opening of GreedFall, with the player capable to opt for their gender, look and traits. An artist paints a portrait of the protagonist as the metaphorical canvas is passed to the player. It appears to be a extremely in-depth technique that can continuously be utilised. It seems that you can specialise in a single certain location, and as you play you will level up in other locations to come to be a extra nicely-rounded character.

Likewise, there’s a range of gear and outfits accessible. Some of these seem to be cosmetic (with an emphasis primarily based on stealth and infiltration alternatives), but some outfits will also boost the player’s attributes. In addition, there’s a literal arsenal of weapons accessible as well, from guns to swords and even magic. GreedFall appears to be a game that can be played in whichever way the player styles.


Combat appears to be varied and fascinating inside GreedFall. There’s the selection to be stealthy, go in all guns blaring, or be extra tactical. Clearly these approaches will be extra thriving if the player has levelled up in these locations.

No matter if facing a monster or other character, the player can use devastating attacks of magic or a sword/gun. Interestingly, the gameplay trailer highlights the “tactical pause option” which makes it possible for players to highlight their enemies and particular attacks. This suggests you will be generally outnumbered, and that a tactical strategy is essential to really succeed.

Terrific characters

Along with your customised character, there will be a celebration of 3 accompanying you. It appears that the player will have complete handle on who is in the celebration, and these characters each and every have their personal values and beliefs. They’ll each and every have their personal motivations, ones that the player will want to preserve in thoughts in case they want to attack.

Every single character is described as becoming “colourful” and “unique”. It appears that they will also offer extra assistance for the protagonist as well each and every character will have their personal set of attributes and abilities, with each and every becoming valuable for progressing. It seems that GreedFall may perhaps also have a sense of politics to it you will want to preserve each and every character delighted.

Pivotal Choices

The significance of choices in GreedFall has been strongly highlighted in its trailers. The good friends and bonds constructed can seemingly be broken or broken based on the options created by the player. The story you expertise may perhaps heavily rely on the choices you make as you play.

It is a extremely intriguing technique, specially when the quantity of factions and group celebration is taken into account. Choices will add one more sense of depth to the story of GreedFall and will make confident that each and every faction and character has their personal story and values.


In a nutshell, GreedFall appears completely beautiful. Teer Fradee is ripe for exploration, and the excellent visuals only add to that. It appears like a breathtaking location that is open for adventure, and the beauty of the visuals tends to make it that considerably extra inviting.

The animals, characters and monsters appear equally as beautiful. The graphics will no doubt assistance with how immersive GreedFall will be, and guarantee that each and every step taken in the game is a single that will not be forgotten in a hurry.


Lead an Army

The premise of the story (from what we know) is that the protagonist is invading the mysterious island to come across a remedy to a plague impacting all the other lands. It appears that there may perhaps be a connection involving the protagonist and the people today of the island, but their army has no connection to Teer Fradee.

They’re described as “invading settlers” who seek to take more than the island and colonise it. Furthermore, there’s currently conflicting inhabitants on the island, and the invaders will certainly raise the tension even extra. Getting a complete army in hand is an intriguing prospect, for confident.

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