Will mainstream AMD Navi graphics cards launch as Radeon RX 5600 or RX 670?


New mainstream AMD Navi graphics cards are on their way… due to the fact of course they are. But will they be released beneath the RX 5600 name or RX 670 branding? We’ve had the Radeon RX 5700 XT and RX 5700 GPUs launched in reference AMD trim, and the AIB versions from the likes of Sapphire, MSI, and Asus are on their way quickly, which certainly indicates the mainstream Radeons cannot be far behind.

We’ve been hearing increasingly loud noises about new Navi 14 GPUs and RX 600-series graphics cards, with the later Navi silicon getting enabled in current Linux patches by AMD itself. And now AMD has (quietly) announced new RX 600 GPUs as well. Although, just before you get as well excited, the most current RX 600-series cards are possibly not what you are hoping for…

Yes, AMD is rebadging once more. This is final generation graphics silicon re-named for a new generation of OEM goods and not as a fresh lineup of 7nm Navi-primarily based goodness. Sorry. But there are nevertheless factors to be constructive the rebadging is only going on for the old-college RX 550X and beneath, which indicates the land in between them and the RX 5700 is nevertheless fertile ground for mainstream Navi graphics cards.

The top rated card of the quietly rebadged OEM GPUs is the RX 640, formerly of RX 550X fame. That is a Polaris GPU with the modest core count of just 640 or 512, based on regardless of whether it is the eight or 10 Compute Unit version. Yes, there are a number of versions of the exact same card… There are also Radeon 630, 625, 620, and 610 cards, all aimed at laptop SKUs, although it appears like only the RX 640 and Radeon 630 will function as desktop GPUs as nicely.

Radeon RX 640 Radeon 630 Radeon 625 Radeon 620 Radeon 610
Architecture GCN four GCN four GCN three GCN three GCN 1
Cores 640 | 512 512 384 384 | 320 320
Increase clock 1,287MHz 1,219MHz 1,024MHz 1,024MHz 1,030MHz
Device Desktop | Laptop Desktop | Laptop Laptop Laptop Laptop
Preceding title Radeon RX 550X Radeon RX 540 Radeon 530 Radeon 530 Radeon 520

As Techspot says, this is not basically a case of AMD attempting to pull a rapidly a single, supplying a lot more modern day naming schemes on older hardware as an try to dupe the unsuspecting public. This is rather AMD’s OEM partners requesting new names so they can use the exact same old graphics hardware in new laptop and desktop releases and nevertheless have them look like up-to-date 2019 goods.

The exciting component of this is the truth that the rebadging stops at the RX 550X level, leaving the $100 – $200 mainstream Radeon marketplace open for new GPUs. And these new GPUs could well feature the Navi 14 spotted once more in Linux patches and a lot more lately in the Compubench database.

Serial Tweeter, Komachi, posted the hyperlink to the AMD 7341:00 entry, which is the PCI ID previously touted as getting utilized for Navi 14. The 00 suffix is posited as referring to either Apple or server-primarily based cards, not as a basic Radeon release, but offered that the Compubench tests have been run on Windows that appears to rule out an iMac component.

The Navi 14 chip in query is a 24 compute unit GPU, with 1,536 RDNA cores at its heart and a reported max clock speed of 1,900MHz. Regardless of whether that is the peak engine / enhance clock, or the game clock, we’re not positive. But it is an 8GB card, so it appears like it will be a fairly beefy mainstream supplying, and pretty possibly the new RX 570 replacement.

AMD Radeon RX 5600 or RX 670?

But will it be an RX 5600-series or RX 670-series card? Provided that AMD decided to make the final-minute switch from RX 690 to RX 5700X for the inaugural Navi GPUs I would be prepared to bet that any mainstream versions would get the 4-figure nomenclature as an alternative. Right after all, Scott Herkelman promised constant naming for all of its graphics cards for the subsequent 5 to ten years following the switch to the RX 5700-series occurred.

He just wasn’t speaking about OEM refreshes, these can basically stay confusing, obvs.

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