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So, I feel I’ve stated on right here ahead of that I began my gaming life with the MegaDrive. I may perhaps be incorrect and I haven’t stated that ahead of, because I cannot try to remember almost everything I wrote in the previous 700 articles, but I’ve stated it now!

Anyway, becoming that I was a MegaDrive (or Genesis) gamer as a youngster, Sonic was naturally a major aspect of my childhood. Nonetheless, when the PlayStation came out, that was quite a great deal my go-to console. In reality, I missed the Sega Saturn fully.

Hence, when Sonic R for the Sega Saturn was chosen for this week’s Retro Showcase, I was seriously really excited. I’d in no way in fact played it ahead of and, because the 3D Sonic games do not have the ideal reputation (outdoors of the Sonic Adventure games), I was interested to see regardless of whether or not it manages to break that reputation… Spoiler: it didn’t.

Very first Impressions

Now, as you most likely know, graphics are not some thing I care about ordinarily. I imply, I wouldn’t be playing retro games if graphics mattered to me. Nonetheless, the initial factor that I saw was that the graphics appear so dated and low high quality.

The Sega Saturn can deal with some affordable graphics, as a buddy at college had a single and we played Tomb Raider on it. However, Sonic R in fact looked far more like a late SNES F-Zero game when it came to the backgrounds. The characters looked alright, to be fair, but the tracks and areas have been quite awful.

Moving passed the graphics, the controllers for Sonic (as that is who we played as) have been awful! He lives up to the name of “fastest factor alive” when going in a straight line. Nonetheless, as quickly as you attempt to turn, you realise just how undesirable the controls are.

That appears like a fantastic location for us to move on to the Gameplay section of this rundown, do not you feel?


So I have currently stated, the capacity to turn in Sonic R is nearly non-existent. In reality, the only true way to make it about the corners is the drift utilizing the shoulder buttons. Nonetheless, even that will occasionally see you careering off to the side of the track and straight into a wall or a physique of water.

Do not be concerned, although! If you finish up in the water then there is a good physics breaking trick you can use to get straight back onto the track run towards a single of the bridges.

As you can see, the game’s so-known as “physics” will just teleport you back on leading of the bridge. That is just a single instance of how broken Sonic R in fact is. Here’s a different fantastic instance for you guys.

It is quite effortless for your camera to clip via the walls of the a variety of tracks, revealing the empty void behind. This tends to make the game quite tough to hold track of, specially when moving at speed. Oh, and Sonic R just does not care about that and will be as unforgiving as feasible.

Among the exceptionally poor turning and terrible camera, Sonic R also throws you into racetracks with exceptionally sharp turns to seriously mess with you!

With that, we’re going to move onto the “enjoyment” elements of Sonic R, for the reason that I feel we’ve covered the primary gameplay components of the game.


Commonly, you would count on that the enjoyment of a game comes from the deep and meaningful story, enjoyable gameplay or quick-paced reactions. With Sonic R, that surely wasn’t the case.

In reality, the most enjoyment I got from playing Sonic R came from how broken it was. That and the amazing songs you guys have been playing via Song Request. The game, itself, was far far more frustrating than it was enjoyable to play. But fortunately, everybody watching the stream created it superior for me.

On the other hand, to be fair, I did get a lot of excitement and joy when I ultimately won a race. This was mainly for the reason that I felt like I was beginning to overcome the a variety of bugs with the game. When that occurred, this was my reaction

So in the finish, while Sonic R is an awful game, it was nonetheless a lot of enjoyable!

If you are a fan of good racing games and are hunting for some thing along the lines of Ridge Racer, Forza, F1 or even Mario Kart, you really should most likely go elsewhere. On the other hand, if you like laughing at terrible games that nonetheless handle to be enthralling, then Sonic R could possibly just be best for you!

And That is All People

It is in fact surprisingly tough for me to suggest Sonic R to everyone, but also tricky not to. It is so broken that it can be seriously funny, specially if playing with other folks or streaming it. It is also not the worse racing game I’ve ever played. That crown nonetheless goes to Crazy Frog Racer.

If you can choose Sonic R up low cost, then it is most likely worth it, just for the comical side of the game. If not, then I would give it a miss. It does not seriously present something new to the racing genre (even utilizing a final stage that is eerily reminiscent of Rainbow Road). On leading of this, the gameplay mechanics are quite awful and the level design and style misses the point of a racing game at occasions.

Nonetheless, it did enable to spawn the far more current Sonic racing games which enhance on the mechanics of Sonic R by really a lot.

Have you played Sonic R? What did you feel of it? Let me know in the comments beneath.

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