Robot Entertainment CEO: Orcs Ought to Die three “would not be attainable without having Google”


Patrick Hudson explains the selection to make the newest Orcs Ought to Die entry a Stadia-exclusive

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Earlier now for the duration of Google’s Stadia Connect presentation, 12 new titles had been revealed for the service, which includes the timed exclusive Orcs Ought to Die three.

Following the announcement, CEO Patrick Hudson posted on the Orcs Ought to Die official subreddit to share the causes behind Robot Entertainment’s selection to go Stadia-exclusive at launch.

“Right after shutting down OMDU, Robot had to downsize our studio,” he stated. “We had re-sized and focused on generating smaller sized games than an OMD game. We did not know when or if we would get back to the OMD franchise.”

Hudson was referring to earlier this year, when Orcs Ought to Die Unchained shut down alongside Hero Academy and Hero Academy two. Prior to that, in Robot Entertainment had laid off 30 as Orcs Ought to Die Unchained struggled.

“We met with Google to understand additional about Stadia for our other projects,” he continued. “We found that the individuals at Google are major fans of OMD. That led to an exploration of what could be attainable with an OMD game on Stadia. We each got excited about our concepts and decided to go following it.

“OMD3 would not be attainable now without having Google’s help. They are behind the game in a major way. We’ve hired additional developers to bring it to life. It really is the OMD game that fans of the 1st two games have been wanting, and we’re thrilled that we have the chance to make it.

“When OMD3 releases in spring 2020, it will be a timed exclusive on Stadia. We’ll say additional about other platforms in the future.”


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