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For a small more than a year now, we at RGN have been discussing an upcoming console from the newly retooled Intellivision Entertainment known as the Intellivision Amico. This revival of the classic 1979 console is slated for release towards the finish of subsequent year, and in contrast to the several “mini” devices that have been on the market place in current years, the Amico is in reality a brand new technique baring the Intellivision brand. Just this afternoon, a brand new trailer for the console created it is debut on YouTube.


Even though the original Intellivision was not Atari’s very first threat in the small business globe, it was a single of the very first systems that had the greatest effect in in the course of the era. Initially released in 1979 by Mattel Electronics, many updates would be performed to the technique till it was discontinued in 1990 by INTV Corporation, promoting a total of more than three million units worldwide. In 1997, the late Keith Robinson alongside of Stephen Roney, former Intellivision programmers at Mattel, obtained exclusive rights to the Intellivision and games in 1997, and released a range of compilations and emulators from the lineup for computer systems, as Intellivision Productions. This brought us the “Intellivision Lives” collections, and even though there had been initially plans to release new cartridges for the original hardware, physical games had been in no way made.

The original Intellivision had a range of firsts going for itself as properly. It was the very first video game console that was 16-bit, predating systems like the Super NES and Sega Genesis by more than a decade. It was the very first game console to give downloadable games in the type of the “PlayCable” device. It was the very first house technique to give speech synthesis in the course of game play with the “Intellivoice” module, as properly as providing a pause function. Not only was it the very first video game console to give a directional thumb pad, but it also was the very first to have a total constructed in font set (with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and characters). Sports fans will also take note that the Intellivision was the very first console to get officially licensed games from all of the significant sports leagues, like the MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, PBA, PGA, amongst other people. Plus, “World Series Key League Baseball” was the very first sports simulation game with several views of a 3D calculated field, and actual statistical primarily based game play utilizing true historical information. These days, several game players take these for granted, but several of today’s innovations have roots originating from this video game classic.


Earlier this year, a stake in Intellivision Productions was bought by “Video Games Live” creator Tommy Tallarico, who purchased the stake from the estate of the late Keith Robinson. He relaunched the firm as Intellivision Entertainment, and is at present serving as president. Shortly just after the founding, he announced that he had plans to launch a brand new Intellivision console, now identified as the Amico.


Some further data about the Amico was teased proper ahead of E3, like the reality that five unique colour variants would be created obtainable when the technique is released subsequent year. The official colour names are Metallic Pearl, Obsidian Black, Vintage Woodgrain, GTO Red, and Galaxy Purple. It was also stated that Intellivision Entertainment had opened brand new developer studios in Europe and Dubai. They had been also displaying off a collection of 22 of the games that are getting created, nevertheless this was strictly by invitation only, and particulars had been quite scarce. All of the games that are planned to be released for the technique will be exclusive to the technique, and supposedly will be ESRB rated E10+ or reduced. In contrast to several games of the present era, the games will be total, and will not call for any further purchases to unlock particular regions or characteristics. At launch, the Amico will incorporate a number of constructed-in re-imagined Intellivision classics that are pre-installed, along with each re-imagined sector classics and brand new exclusive titles through the Intellivision On line Retailer. The on line retailer will let gamers to acquire new titles from their house, and will be compatible with multiplayer gaming, total with leaderboards and achievements.


Intellivision Entertainment has also reunited ten members of the original “Earthworm Jim” group to create a new game in the franchise, which would be the Amico’s quite very first exclusive at launch. The firm stated that members of the group such as Doug TenNapel and David Perry would be participating on the project, alongside of Intellivision Entertainment CEO Tommy Tallarico. He had created this statement:

“We have been speaking about this moment for several years, it is a dream come correct to ultimately get the whole group back with each other. We’re hunting forward to sharing a modest element of our reunion and initial design and style meeting with fans from about the globe. Intellivision Amico is developed to bring mates and households with each other and we are excited for fans and these just getting introduced to the series to get a very first appear as we kick-off the design and style of the game.”


The controllers borrow from the original systems design and style, but delivers several modern day characteristics. The most notable function is the incorporated three 1/two inch touchscreen. Even though the Nintendo Wii U created a related try, this screen would mimic the keypad from the classic design and style. Also integrated is a new positional disc with a surrounding interactive LED border, four arcade-style tactile feedback buttons, force feedback, wireless charging, alongside of a microphone and speaker. The console will also give the capability to add further controllers by the signifies of a mobile application.

Intellivision Entertainment has launched a brand new trailer for the upcoming Amico, and we had been encouraged to share the video with other retro gamers. Tommy Tallarico showcases the Obsidian Black and Metallic Pearl machines, and also offers you a very first glance at 17 of the exclusive Amico games in improvement. The console is at present scheduled for a October 10, 2020 (aka “1010 2020”) release, and is estimated to expense below $200, with the games costing ordinarily no additional than $10.

Supply: Intellivision Entertainment


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