‘One Monster RPG’ is About Raising a Slime So You Can Kill It


You are level 99, reaching the finish of the grind. All that is left to attaining your level 100 glory is a single a lot more kill, but all that is left is a single easy slime.

In 1 Monster RPG: Operating Out of Slime,  you will have to place down your weapons for a moment and place your paternal cap on to raise this slime into a formidable opponent.

You will play as an all-potent hero stuck at level 99 and needing just a single a lot more ferocious foe to topple. However, this tiny slime, at its most standard type, is only worth a measly three knowledge points. And it is the only monster in sight. In an revolutionary, and slightly cruel, twist, you will be tasked with getting acceptable meals for this slime and raising it to truly earn that final kill. I do not know if I’d have the stomach for it, even though.

Simply because this slime is persistent, it will chase you to the ends of the earth. You will be capable to place this to your benefit by luring your slime to level-acceptable snacks. As it eats, it will level up and need stronger sustenance… Hopefully you will not shed your hero title feeding a couple of grandpas to your ‘Frankenslime’.

In this Katamari-inspired adventure, you will get to take pleasure in a cartoonish, cheerful style to go with this bittersweet mission of murdering some thing you raised. Will you stay stone cold as you draw your sword against the blob you developed, or will you turn tail and reside your days as a new owner of a pet slime?

1 Monster RPG: Operating Out of Slime is readily available on itch.io.  


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