Nintendo Denies Nintendo Switch Exchange Plan Rumors


Nintendo Switch with Rocket League
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Updated on eight/19/2019: Nintendo of America has sent us an official statement saying the Switch exchange present does not exist.

If you lately purchased a Nintendo Switch, you may well be in a position to trade Nintendo for the new, greater battery life model. According to Reddit customers, Nintendo representatives stated that anybody who purchased a Nintendo Switch immediately after July 17 is eligible to exchange it for the refreshed Nintendo Switch, which has substantially greater battery life.

We referred to as Nintendo client service ourselves to get some specifics. Even though the representative confirmed the present exists, they weren’t in a position to supply any concrete facts. We did, having said that, obtain an official statement from Nintendo of America more than the weekend that says the exchange system does not exist.

“We do not have a Nintendo Switch exchange system. We often want players to appreciate their Nintendo Switch systems, and if something ever gets in the way of that, we encourage them to take a look at for assistance, or to speak to our customer assistance group.”

Primarily based on what buyers had been reporting, if you had been eligible for the present, you’d be in a position to send your Switch to Nintendo for the exchange. If you get in touch with Nintendo client service, a representative will send you an e mail with guidelines on exactly where to send the console — presumably immediately after confirming the obtain date on your console. Even though you will not have to spend an upgrade charge, you do have to spend shipping fees. So it is not completely totally free, but it is nevertheless a good present for these who purchased the Switch proper just before the new model began popping up in retailers.

nintendo reportedly trading older switch consoles for revised model
Revised Nintendo Switch box art

There’s also the opportunity that you purchased the old Nintendo Switch with out realizing it. The word “new” or something like that does not seem on the upgraded Switch’s packaging. Rather, you have to spend focus to the box. The old Switch came in a box with a white background, even though the new 1 is red. If you tossed your box, you can verify the serial quantity. Revised Switch serial numbers start out with XKW.

It would seem that several folks will be eligible for this present. Retailers are nevertheless promoting the original Switch each on the net and in retailers. It is unclear how extended this present will be accessible, even though.

The revised Switch has a greater processor and memory. Critically, the improvements only translate to greater battery life. Nintendo claims the revised Switch can run four.five to 9 hours involving charges, even though the old model ranges from two.five to six.five hours.

If you are eligible for the present, the greater battery life is likely worth the shipping price and wait time. If you are unsure about your eligibility, it may well be worth calling Nintendo client service.


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