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James aka Saint from RetroHQ has just opened pre-orders on the Jaguar SD ROM cart.  The cost is £151.00, which came out to about $190 right after shipping:  https://new.retrohq.co.uk/shop/atari-jaguar-sd-flash-cartridge

There’s been a Jaguar flash cart readily available for a handful of years named the Skunkboard, but this is much more desirable for quite a few motives.  Initial and foremost, the Skunkboard only makes it possible for you to flash a single or two games at a time…and would call for the Jaguar powered on and a USB cable connecting the Skunkboard to a Computer.  To major it off, you’d then need to have to flash the games utilizing a command prompt, as the GUI was buggy with present versions of Windows.  Clearly much more of a “developer tool” than a ROM cart.

Alternatively, the JagSD performs like a standard ROM cart and makes it possible for you to load a complete set of games on an SD card and play from there.  There’s also help for much more homebrew games and eventual help for JagCD games as nicely!

Amongst this, the six-button controller and the custom overlays, a comprehensive Jaguar expertise on original hardware is now feasibly obtainable to enthusiasts.

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