Indie Retro News: The Scorpion Engine


As most of you are conscious, there are distinct strategies to generate Amiga games, either by way of Amos, Blitz Fundamental, RedPill or by way of the rather lackluster Backbone. But one particular such engine is creating its presence identified, and that is Earok’s upcoming Scorpion engine a nifty piece of software program that at some point will let other customers to generate terrific games as 50HZ on A500…Or as in the case of the most current Tales of Gorluth conversion and other footage shown by way of this year so far, the possibility of generating larger finish games with smooth scrolling even on reduced finish machines.

Detailed description from Earok(Erik) :

As noted by Earok, the project compiler runs on Windows, and utilizes modern day tools (Tiled for level editing, PNGs for graphics) for some points, classic Amiga formats (mod, 8svx, anim5s) for other individuals. PNGs are converted by way of a user-defined palette into bobs and raw bitplanes – making use of the alpha channel to produce a mask.

Additionally going into further detail from Erik, the software program utilizes a straightforward to realize bytecode “virtual machine” (a compact component of the functionality of Ink) handle points such as dialogue, branching logic and the game sequence. Or as one particular individual puts it ” Windows-primarily based game maker with modern day asset formats operating on low-finish amigas!!! “

Simpler to realize description from Tsak :

For these of you who really feel this is nonetheless really confusing, Tsak has condensed it down to make it less complicated to realize. He has stated ” It really is a light action-rpg engine which supports modern day windows dev tools like tiled and ink. At present the engine can do eight way scrolling in 50fps and has a ton of characteristics such as npcs, dialogue, quest method, events, teleports and numerous other stuff, in a position to run devoid of difficulties on a500.

Virtually it really is comparable to Backbone, but it delivers far superior skills and overall performance. Also it does not come in a self contained -all in 1 package- atmosphere, so you are essential to use a quantity of 3rd celebration windows tools (albeit no cost ones) to operate it out. As it presently stands it really is also not aimed to be a basic use game maker but much more genre certain.

The engine was produced mainly to accommodate Pixel Glass projects but in this public type it really is aimed at everyone who desires to make a comparable game for Amiga devoid of getting to code it. Erik is expanding it (as we’re building our projects) and he is going to release it at some point in the close to future.”

And that is fairly a lot all there is to say, but for additional information take a look at the hyperlink ( Right here )


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