hunting for a lengthy term WOW buddy (EU) : gamers


very first of all i wanna say that im a newbie (began yesterday) and i dont have bfa however

i appreciate the game immediately after the free of charge trial so i purchased a subscription

i heard a lot of stories about men and women obtaining mates in WOW exactly where the play each day with for years

and i wanna come across that buddy

i play on europe servers and i play on relam sylvanas but i can alter result in i dont have a higher level however

so a tiny bit about me:

im from belgium, so my very first language is dutch (not french) but i can speak english pretty properly

im 16 year old

im on the web every day (pretty much)

im a bit shy but im pretty friendly

and i can chat every day ( its correct)

the only requirments are:

speak english

can playalmost every day

can chat every day

from europe

(not substantially appropriate?)

if you are intersted or have concerns comment or add me on discord

discord username: venomclone#6519


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