Gamescom ONL – Kojima Reveals New Characters and Death Stranding Gameplay Footage


Death Stranding gets a lot of time at Gamescom this year, with Hideo Kojima himself taking the stage to introduce some new characters in Death Stranding, along with a bit of gameplay on top rated.

Kojima introduced a new character in the game named Mama, a young lady played by Margaret Quigley, who is shown cradling a shadow of a child she calls her ‘daughter’ by breast-feeding it prior to letting it fly into the air. According to Kojima, her child was born ‘on the other side’ but her and her child are connected by the child’s umbilical cord.

Yet another trailer integrated the Bridge Child and the Deadman, played by Guillermo Del Toro. The Bridge Child, it is explained by Deadman, is a bridge in between the actual planet and the planet of the dead. This makes it possible for protagonist Sam, played by Norman Reedus, to see the DT’s. The Deadman, in contrast, is shown as a hologram, dumping exposition for the audience more than the major mission of the game – returning the bridge child to the womb of its mother. The bridge child is utilised in the pod for Sam, and the Deadman warns Sam to not get attached to the child either, as they can from time to time get self-poisoned if you are not cautious.

The gameplay itself showed off Sam in an open planet, delivering a big bit of cargo and urinating for a handful of moments out of nowhere prior to shouting into the open as he travels across a rocky hillside. Various tools and products are shown, such as a big collapsible ladder, which makes it possible for Sam to climb the side of a hill face to get to a hidden bunker. It also shows Sam taking care of the child, soothing it at instances by rocking it about in your hands for a handful of moments to have it cease crying. The video also showed a cameo of Geoff Keighley himself, voiced by Matthew Mercer. Keighley will be a single of numerous cameos featured in the game.

The complete purpose of the game, according to Kojima, is to connect the fractured folks across the nation, from East to West from the DT, terrorists, or other threats across the landscape. Sam acts as a deliveryman across the game, meeting with characters nicknamed preppers, who can deliver supplies and products to Sam for his journey. The a lot more preppers and folks you are connected to, the a lot more added benefits you get. Kojima also talked about the tiny bits of the trailer, such as how to use the Playstation motion controls to calm the child when it is in distress, along with explaining that the urination section in the footage can in fact be utilised as a weapon, and will be “a crucial to anything later.”

Death Stranding, regardless of its odd presence and exceptional gameplay components, has been extremely anticipated given that it was very first revealed in 2016. Death Stranding is scheduled for release on November 8th, 2019.

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