EastEnders fans in shock as Kat Slater requires the blame for attacking Phil and warns him not to trust Ben


EASTENDERS viewers are convinced Phil Mitchell is going to kill his son Ben following Kat Slater dropped him in it more than the assault.

The cleaner was forced to assume speedy when Phil remembered she was there the evening he was attacked, and following taking the blame to save Stacey, Kat all but confirmed Ben was involved.

 Kat dropped Ben in it on EastEnders tonight


Kat dropped Ben in it on EastEnders tonight

Ben had covered up Stacey’s crime in an try to frame Keanu, but Kat’s words produced it sound like Ben orchestrated every thing.

Breaking into the Slaters to confront Kat, Phil told her: “It really is all come back to me, you laughing me at the Vic rubbing my nose in it for the 50 grand.

“And then we got back to The Arches, I had Martin pinned down and an individual whacked me from behind. You attempted to stone my head in. You price me my daughter.

“You wrecked my household, you assume I am going to let you neglect that.”

 Phil and Kat had a huge showdown on EastEnders


Phil and Kat had a massive showdown on EastEnders
 She warned him not to trust his scheming son Ben


She warned him not to trust his scheming son Ben

But as he forced Kat to inform him what she meant by her not getting to blame, he promised to spare her household from his rage if she spat it out.

And she did, dropping Ben correct in it.

She told him: “That Ben of yours – he’s only out for himself. Never trust him.”

Earlier Phil had attempted to catch Ben out with lies with Jay following overhearing them rowing in the hospital.

 Fans think Ben is in huge danger now


Fans assume Ben is in massive danger now

Jay covered for him by telling him Ben had just broken down but did not want to admit he was upset to his dad, but viewers know the truth.

But with Kat pointing the blame at Ben, viewers are now convinced Phil will go following Ben and determine to kill him following previously leaving him to get beaten up by homophobic thugs.

1 wrote: “YES KAT! Pin it on Ben! Wise move &#x1f44c That is how the Slaters do it!”

A second mentioned: “I am excited in my delighted location just imagining what Phil will do to Ben.”

EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell wakes up as Ben continues to frame Keanu for the attack

An additional added: “By no means thoughts Keanu Ben could be the a single carrying out a runner after Phil gets a hold of him.”

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings on BBC 1

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