Blastaway (16 bit shooter for Windows and AmigaOS four)



Extra noise! Arenas function now some blocks that can be destroyed by shooting at them: at initially, that could possibly appear beneficial to wander about far more effortlessly, but, on second believed, that also tends to make life less complicated to wors! In reality, they can destroy the blocks, also…
(Note: in the future, the blast marks on the ground could possibly: a) keep as they are b) go c) be extended to influence also the vertical components like walls. Solution c) is the most unlikely.)

* Added destroyable blocks.
* Assigned [SPACE], [ENTER], [RETURN], [CONTROL], [SHIFT], [TAB] the shooting function.
* Touched up graphics.
* Added a single arena.
* Updated/enhanced manual.
* Produced other internal improvements/bugfixes.

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A brand-new stage and tons of other improvements! Ultimately Blastaway has far more than a single stage (i.e. setting), which implies far more graphics to delight in, higher sense of progression (as the stages alter each 10 arenas), and far more arenas to play (20 in all now, but they will be 50 when, in the finish, all the five planned stages are performed).

* Defined the setting of the stages and gave them names (THE CAVES, THE OUTER WALLS, THE CELLARS, THE CHAMBERS, THE LABS).
* Added a new stage (THE CAVES).
* Changed naming scheme of arenas.
* Extended handling of arena clearing: now an arena will be declared cleared only soon after also all the keys have been picked up (ahead of, killing the Exxwor straight away ended the action and therefore the player could miss the keys not picked up however, which could make facing the following arenas not possible).
* Recalibrated bonuses distribution.
* Produced killing the Dmewor less complicated.
* Produced selecting up keys less complicated.
* Enhanced Exxwor’s AI a small bit.
* Halved wors speed boost amongst arenas.
* Prevented entrance doors from closing if any wor is in the entrance region (otherwise, a wor could possibly get stuck there, therefore becoming unreachable by the active soldier inside the arena, which could effectively lead to a circumstance exactly where it was not possible clear the arena and continue the game).
* Adapted/enhanced/fixed some arenas.
* Adapted/enhanced/extended manual.
* Produced many other improvements/bugfixes.

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Wow, i like how this game is evolving, the enviroments appear incredibly exotic



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