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THQ Nordic has released a new trailer for Desperados three currently to introduce a brand new character who goes by the name Isabelle Moreau, a New Orleans native that is a voodoo master. Isabelle is a single of the far more fantastical members of the desperadoes gang as she has powers that can be utilized on enemies, but some of these powers demand her to use some of her personal blood. That is suitable, there’s some blood magic taking spot.

Isabelle has the energy to handle enemies by taking handle of their minds. She can also hyperlink enemies collectively so their fates turn out to be intertwined. If a single of these enemies is killed then the other will endure death as well, which could prove beneficial if you uncover your self outgunned or require to sneak into an region exactly where there are very a couple of guards. Final month a closed beta was held for Desperados three on Computer restricted to 500 players but as you can consider they couldn’t speak about their encounter of the game.

Desperados three will be released later this year on PS4, Computer, and Xbox 1.

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