‘Time Has Now Come’ for TimeSplitters four, Says Co-Creator


TimeSplitters co-creator, Steve Ellis, has stated that now is a excellent time for a new installment in the franchise. Speaking to Video Games Chronicle, Ellis – who was lately hired by present IP owner THQ Nordic – confirmed that his mobile games studio will place improvement projects on hold for now when he functions with the publisher.

“Personally, I often saw TimeSplitters as ‘unfinished business’,” he told Video Games Chronicle. “It was a series that was ahead of its time, from the days when shooters have been all brown and games weren’t on the internet. It feels like its time has now come, so the chance to perform on it was tough to ignore.”

Series composer, Graeme Norgate, expressed his excitement more than the prospect of a new game and told Video Games Chronicle that he hopes the original group will join hands once again.

“I’m definitely pleased it is lastly got off the ground, 14 years considering the fact that the final release,” he stated. “Let’s hope Steve decides to get the old band back collectively!”

This is not the very first time Ellis has attempted to make TimeSplitters four. Back in 2012, he told EDGE magazine (by means of Video Games Chronicle) that he spent “the complete of 2008” attempting to get publishers to sign up for the game. Regrettably, he wasn’t productive in receiving firms on board for some thing that “tries to step away from the guidelines of the genre.”

According to THQ Nordic, Ellis will now “help plot the future course” for TimeSplitters.

Are our readers excited for a new game? Let us know what path you want the franchise to take.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]


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