The group behind SUPERHOT are now assisting to fund other indie games


A good story for a Friday morning as the SUPERHOT group have announced SUPERHOT PRESENTS, a fund to enable other indie game developers who never want or want a publisher.

SUPERHOT PRESENTS, a name they jokingly stole from Double Fine Productions (Double Fine Presents) aims to perform with developers who want some “finishing (or beginning) funds” and they will give some mentoring and tips. They mentioned they just want to “allow a couple of additional adequately independent studios exist in the planet” which is rather admirable.

With thousands of games releasing every single year, occasions are difficult for all developers and it is wonderful to see these additional productive attain out and enable other people. Their ending note was sweet:

We’re nonetheless a game improvement business, we’re functioning challenging on our personal games, we just believe placing some cash back into the business so additional cool points can be created is a good thought.

The 1st titles announced are Knuckle Sandwich and The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game. If we hear any news about them coming to Linux, we will let you know.

You can see all the facts right here, just scroll down a bit.

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