The Division two is searching for applicants for an Elite Job Force to strengthen the on line shooter


It worked out for the final game apparently, so perhaps it’ll function for this 1 also: The Division two is searching to kind up an Elite Job Force of neighborhood members to speak with the devs in Malmö, Sweden, with the aim of enhancing the on line shooter’s gameplay and capabilities.

This so-known as Elite Job Force Echo is searching to bring more than players who can give constructive feedback straight to the group. Members of this Job Force will get the chance to appear at plans for future updates and talk about a assortment of matters connected to the shooter such as endgame RPG, loot, PvP, and inventory matters. Of course, all of this will be strictly below an NDA, so prospective applicants are also going to have to know how to hold quiet and sign an affidavit confirming as significantly.

This is not the initially time that the devs of The Division have utilized a group of players for assistance the initially game place out a comparable contact for an Elite Job Force and their feedback resulted in some game-altering updates to the shooter. If you’d like to be amongst these searching to legitimately assistance the game out, you can verify the forum post for a hyperlink to an application. The Job Force workshop is scheduled for September 4th by way of the 6th, with all travel, lodging, and meals expenditures handled by the devs. You will, nevertheless, want to guarantee you have got proper travel documents.


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