Superhot Presents is a new funding initiative to support indie games across the finish line


Superhot Presents is a new funding initiative for independent games that will lend a assisting hand in their improvement journey by offering economic assistance and sector suggestions. It comes from Polish developer and publisher Superhot Group, the minds behind the pretty thriving slow-mo shooter Superhot. They genuinely like the name, do not they.

In an interview with Computer Games Insider, Superhot Group director of specific projects Callum Underwood went into higher depth on why the organization began the fund, what it will provide independent developers, and the two games that are currently on board.

The inception of Superhot Presents was motivated by 3 interlinking variables. ‘Firstly, we’ve carried out pretty nicely out of our personal games, so are fortunately in a position to afford to assistance other developers as nicely as continue to develop our personal group,’ Underwood explained. ‘Secondly, Superhot received early assistance from communities such as Kickstarter – the game would not have occurred with out that, so it really is good to consider we can do the very same for other developers. Lastly, we consider we’ve turn out to be fairly excellent at the entire “enterprise in games” issue, so if we can provide funds up to other developers with a side of unsolicited enterprise suggestions, that feels like a sensible move to make.’

The initiative presents funding to independent developers with a ‘hands off approach’. ‘We’ll undoubtedly use our enterprise teams to assistance the developers exactly where we can — platform introductions, contract support, analytics which lead to recommendations of sale percentage amounts and so on — but ideally, we perform with developers who just want some assistance,’ Underwood clarified. ‘If you want a publisher, go to a publisher, there are some excellent ones. If you just want some funds to finish, or begin, your game, that is exactly where we sit.’

When asked about the future of Superhot Presents, Underwood stated that the developer and publisher would like to settle into a spot along with its competitors, and continue to lend their knowledge and assistance to promising indie titles. ‘I consider we’d like to turn out to be a recognized and trusted small fund inside the sector,’ Underwood stated, ‘We want to treat the developers we perform with nicely and to make them funds.’

Two games are currently getting assistance from Superhot Presents the Frog Detective series by Grace Bruxner, and Knuckle Sandwich by Andrew Brophy. On the Superhot Presents web-site, the developers spoke a small additional about their integration into the fund and their games. The Frog Detective games are pretty literal, but with a charming and ironic flair, as the titular character interviews other animals to crack the case. Knuckle Sandwich is a fashionable RPG, melding a myriad of art directions and genres to inform the story of a boy seeking for perform in a massive city. 

‘I am pretty excited for this chance to perform with Superhot as I strategy the final stages of Knuckle Sandwich’s improvement,’ Brophy mentioned. ‘With their assistance, I can confidently make my game the very best version of itself and bring it to as lots of folks as attainable. That is genuinely cool!’

That is genuinely cool. Superhot Presents are ‘already in discussions with other developers’, so watch this space for updates. 


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