Streaming Dark Souls III to my iPhone is the most astonishing issue I’ve ever noticed. : PS4


I purchased a PS4 final Monday and it is been a fairly wild week. It is been half a decade considering that I’ve owned and actively played a console.

The PS4 is, frankly, an remarkable piece of technologies. When I very first booted Dark Souls III I walked – gradually – up the stairs to Iudex Gundyr’s arena. The light effects alone sent a shiver down my spine. I’m not utilized to owning a thing that appears this excellent. I’ve been playing on a shitty laptop for.. so extended.

But the most remarkable issue is the Remote Play function. I cannot think I can play PS4 games on my telephone. It does not even function that terrible either – granted, Dark Souls III is sort of awkward but I’ll undoubtedly be choosing up some sort of turn-primarily based RPG that ought to function a lot greater.

Anyhow, it is remarkable. Sony knocked it out of the park with this issue. Can everyone inform me how I can move stuff about on my house screen? I hate obtaining to dig about for the YouTube app.


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