Savage Vessels – Teleglitch-like Space Shooter [Demo]



In Savage Vessels the map does not show the level’s border. That border can generally alter when asteroids move. And I consider it would harm the game’s atmosphere of threat if the player would be capable to see that dynamic border on the map.

But it is challenging to see exactly where you have been currently and exactly where not. Normally you sense that you have overlooked a thing and you discover specific locations two or 3 instances.

In order to give the player much more orientation and the possibility to strategy additional actions I vizualized the level’s structure partially. Therefor I did it like the astronomers and separated every thing into constellations.

Due to the fact the levels are assembled from predefined invariable regions it was clear to assign a constellation to each and every area. A region’s person bodies correspond with the constellation’s stars. The bodies got names and connections are drawn.

Right here we see two regions. The initial one particular consists of one particular large physique. Therefor it has only one particular star named Tunguska. The second one particular consists of the 3 stars Medusa-1C, Militech and Anomaly. Each constellation has a specific subject so the names of the stars have a thing in prevalent. (Right here the subject is Teleglitch) …

As soon as the player spots a specific physique (vaguely) it is shown on the map as “unknown”. When the physique has been viewed entirely it is name is shown. Independently the body’s connections are drawn. That way the player gets hints exactly where to go subsequent.
Right here we see two examples …

This measures are meant to be beneficial devoid of creating it also effortless. The player can proceed constellation by constellation for instance. Also the player can memorize the constellations.
Right here we see a couple of totally explored constellations, zoomed out …


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