PS Plus Cloud Saves Are Restricted to 1,000 Files


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Bear in mind when Sony elevated the storage space obtainable for PlayStation Plus cloud saves from 10GB to 100GB? We had been quite overjoyed, specifically seeing as the earlier limit was paltry. Sadly, there are additional restrictions in spot: you can retailer a maximum of 1,000 files, as found by Twitter user Dizzy_Ziddy.

When this sounds like a lot, it is probably worth remembering that some games produce various save files per campaign – and in the case of mammoth RPGs, the quantity can run into the tens and even hundreds. As a outcome, you may well hit that file cap faster than you feel – despite the fact that the truth that this is only just becoming prevalent understanding suggests it is significantly less most likely than you may well initially feel.

Nonetheless, even if it is unlikely, our view is that the Japanese giant requires to make cloud saves as unrestrictive as feasible. This is a pivotal component of the console expertise now, and it can be excellent for backups and moving in between various devices seamlessly. The storage boost was excellent, but let’s rally to get the other restrictions removed, also.


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