Option for the PS Shop requiring you to add a payment approach to obtain the 10usd PS Plus. You never will need to add any aditional payment approach. : PlayStationPlus


I am seeing several men and women getting the identical issue that I had a couple of days ago, that PS Plus needs you to add a Payment approach even when you want to use the 10 usd card to renew your membership through wallet.

It is mentioned that you cannot renew your membership with no a payment approach if you use the mothly solution. But luckily that is not correct (at least it wasn’t in my case). What was taking place as an alternative was that the state is which I designed my account had a tax to digital solutions, so the price + tax was greater than 10 usd.

So all I required was as well alter the state of the account and voila, issue solved. No will need to add any payment approach.

TLDR: You never will need to add any payment solution, you only will need to alter state to an state exactly where there is not aditional price by digital service taxes.

Please spread awareness about this remedy, a load of men and women are getting the identical issue but none are getting told about what is essentially taking place and how to repair it.


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