No Man’s Sky Players Are Definitely Excited About Sitting In Chairs


Screenshot: The_Godfather69 (Reddit)

The universe of No Man’s Sky is large. Like genuinely large. Billions upon billions upon billions of planets, galaxies, and solar systems. And the most up-to-date update to the game added a ton of new capabilities to this currently huge galactic sandbox, which includes VR assistance. But the most fascinating function may just be the capacity to cease traveling, take a seat in a chair and dangle your feet.

Final week, players initially identified out about this new sitting capacity and swiftly got excited. Positive a new galactic map and enhanced multiplayer capabilities have been fine, but right after years of waiting, all these chairs dotting the galaxy could ultimately be sat on. It was a small factor, but one thing that not a tiny quantity of players have been delighted to see added into the game. As 1 player pointed out on Reddit, “I couldn’t think we could make chairs but not sit in” (On the other hand, players have found that user produced chairs nonetheless can not be sat on. Perhaps in a future update?)

Screenshot: Bear_Of_The_Forest (Reddit)

Immediately the No Man’s Sky subreddit and Twitter was filled with people sharing their excitement about chairs and sitting in them. One particular player on Twitter even claimed to be returning to the game, mainly for the chair sitting. Prior to this update, players could only spin chairs. Enjoyable, confident. But not the similar as sitting in 1.

On the other hand, it wasn’t just players who would be permitted to take a load off and sit down on a chair. Now NPC aliens would also be able to relax and take a seat. Even greater, the brief alien species, the Gek, truly swing their tiny legs and feet about even though sitting on the chairs. Even though 1 player did point out how odd it is that on a Gek space station the chairs would be so tall. A valid point. These Gek genuinely want to make some smaller sized seats.

Following the update went reside a couple of days ago, players started sharing images of them sitting in chairs. As 1 fan exclaimed in a Reddit post of them sitting with aliens in the game, “My life is now comprehensive.” Other players also shared pictures of themselves in chairs. Men and women even found you could emote even though sitting in a chair. It was a frequent chair-a-palooza.

Of course, a new function like this does not generally launch with no some hiccups. Players found some aliens decided to sit IN their chairs rather of on their chairs.

Some fans identified themselves sitting close to a chair, but not on the chair. Some people are shy when it comes to space chairs. On the other hand, 1 player identified some quite un-shy aliens who decided to squeeze themselves with each other into a singular mass to sit on a couch, for some purpose.

Screenshot: TheRealTokyr (Reddit)

Sitting on a chair is not quick. A couple of people identified that out the difficult way. Following attempting to sit on a chair, it rather slipped away from them leaving them sad and chairless.

And 1 player has had sufficient with all these damn chairs and chair connected posts. They are sick of chairs. They want one thing various and arguably greater added to the game. The capacity to sit on stools.

One particular day, stool fan. One particular day.


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