Know It or Blow It


Know It or Blow It is a speedy-paced mobile trivia-primarily based game anytime, anyplace for you not only to test your self but you are in a position to challenge your buddies and other individuals on a worldwide scale, along with earning on line currency, with the chance to win true-planet prizes.

Show-off your understanding in this on line trivia game featuring players from all more than the planet. Pick your category and answer quiz inquiries to win games and earn coins that you can use to compete in a variety of cities about the planet.

The game involves 3 rounds beginning with 5 inquiries in 3 categories. You win coins for every single right answer and can double your score by betting on the hidden Massive Break query.

Flaunt your mental prowess by playing this higher-octane on line quiz on your mobile.

Game capabilities:

  • Sharpen your abilities
  • Test your understanding by answering trivia inquiries in your favored categories.
  • Prime the charts and get featured for each city, subject, occasion, and globally.
  • Compete against buddies and players all more than the planet.
  • Get rewarded by 
  • Earn coins with every single game you win and use it to enter tournaments and events.
  • Win additional

How it Functions: 

Every player have to play 3 rounds of reside quiz inquiries to win against their opponents and earn coins. Players can decide on their categories and play alone or against their buddies in head-to-head matches. Boosters are obtainable at the get started of every single game that will propel you more quickly via the game. Boosters can be employed to get additional response time or eliminate incorrect answers – escalating the probabilities of answering properly.

The 1st round includes 5 inquiries in 3 categories and players win coins for answering every single subsequent query. The quantity of coins to be won increases with the complexity of the inquiries. The second round also comprises 5 inquiries in 3 categories, but players win double the quantity of coins in this round.

In the 1st two rounds is also a unique Massive Break query that could turn the game about in your favor instantaneously. Players can spot a bet and win the quantity of the bet if they answer properly. Players can proceed to the third round only if they have a constructive score.

The third round is the final battle of your IQ and capabilities only one particular query. No Boosters are permitted in this round.

Do you assume you have what it requires to win the worldwide on line trivia quiz? Download Know It or Blow It on iOS or Android to test your IQ and preserve your brain razor-sharp. Get started playing now. It is free of charge!


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