Klang Games raises more than $22m in Series B funding for persistent MMO Seed


Total funding reaches more than $37m for a single of the handful of remaining games announced for SpatialOS

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Klang has raised $22.33 million in Series B funding for Seed, its upcoming MMO becoming created in SpatialOS.

Investment firm Novator led the funding round, with other contributors like Northzone, Neoteny, firstminute capital, Makers Fund, New Life Ventures, and LEGO investment arm LEGO Ventures.

Totaled with previous funding, like rounds in March and July of final year, this brings Klang Games to $37.42 million raised for Seed.

“We are thrilled Novator and LEGO Ventures are generating this massive bet on us and for having Ragnarsson on as our Chairman – he really understands the worth of single-shard MMOs and brings his wonderful encounter from CCP to Klang,” stated Klang CEO Mundi Vondi. “Partnering with LEGO Ventures, the international phenomenon of emergent gameplay, is amazing and aligns completely with our vision. Ultimately, we are humbled that our wonderful existing investors Neoteny, firstminute Capital, Northzone, and Makers Fund are joining the round as nicely and could not be far more excited to have the fuel to provide SEED with out compromising on its quite massive vision.”

The “massive vision” Vondi is referring to is that Seed is planned to be an MMO life simulator with a massive, persistent globe that players function collectively to rebuild. Actions taken by players continue to exist in the globe soon after they have logged off, and characters will continue about their business enterprise with out players on the internet to guide them.

To make this achievable, Klang is establishing Seed in SpatialOS, and it seems to be a single of the handful of recognized games remaining to use Improbable’s ambitious engine. Earlier this week, Spilt Milk Studios shut down its SpatialOS MMO Lazarus soon after 3 years of open alpha, Automaton Studios entered administration and cancelled its battle royale Mavericks: Proving Grounds at the start out of August, and Bossa Studios closed its MMO, Worlds Adrift, in May well.


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