Justin Roiland lays out post-VR future for Squanch Games right after Trover Saves the Universe


Squanch Games co-founder and chief inventive officer Justin Roiland (who also co-designed the Television show Rick &amp Morty on Adult Swim) was realizing a dream when he created Trover Saves the Universe. As a fan of virtual reality, Roiland was inspired by his experiences with the Oculus DK2 headset to build a boatload of concepts that flooded into his thoughts. But it was in bringing his dream to life that Roiland was in a position to envision a future for Squanch Games beyond VR.

Players can clearly see several concepts packed into Trover, which was nicely-received by players and critics. But even Roiland has difficulty describing the game beyond its getting an irreverent, comedy-themed action platforming game that performs on each virtual reality headsets and flat screens.

Speaking with Computer Invasion, he admits that he generally “goes down a rabbit hole” when it comes to gameplay minutia. Comedy is a essential element, but there’s also how the game is an uncommon hybrid of 1st-individual and third-individual perspectives. In the game, players take the function of a character confined to a hovering chair who moves even though simultaneously controlling a character named Trover remotely. So, it is basically a single-player game exactly where players need to have to perform cooperatively with themselves to discover and progress via strange worlds. It is also a game with characters that insert creatures and objects into empty eye sockets to achieve powers and skills.

To say that the game is bizarre barely scratches the surface.

Adding character to Trover Saves the Universe

Roiland is a lifelong gamer, and Trover Saves the Universe started as a VR-only title, going into improvement ahead of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR headsets became commercially readily available.

While, there had been a quantity of prototype VR experiences readily available for the Oculus improvement kits, with a demo known as Sightline: The Chair (integrated in SightLineVR) getting a clear influence for Roiland. The expertise involved players sitting in one particular location, and the landscape changed as they looked about. Nonetheless, these early experiments lacked a vital element.

“What was missing for me was character – just character,” Roiland explained. “I wanted to go into a planet, go up to a weird character who has a lot to say and reacts to factors I do. That was the most significant, most essential point. I want a lot of character and character.”

Trover started with Roiland wanting to build a game that involved a multitude of distinct experiences. He wanted a game that defied expectations and reacted to factors players did. All of it would be constructed about sturdy personalities that would surprise players and from time to time actually scream, “Look at me!”

While the game is only about eight hours lengthy with a tightly scripted plot, there’s more than 20 hours of recorded dialogue, largely voiced by Roiland himself. He estimates that the game is someplace amongst 50 and 60 % ad libbed for the reason that he recorded short-term dialogue that was meant to be replaced by scripted lines carried out by experienced voice actors. But his dialogue turned out to be so funny that the studio decided to maintain them so that they could concentrate on other game components.

Justin Roiland Headshot 300

Justin Roiland, co-founder and inventive director for Squanch Games and Rick &amp Morty co-creator

“The program was to replace me with talented actors, so I didn’t give a fuck,” Roiland explained. “I was just acting like a dipshit. But when we got to playtesting the builds of the levels, it was so fucking funny.”

Roiland mentioned that a essential pillar for Trover was, if Squanch did its job suitable, that the characters would really feel genuine and be conscious of what the player is carrying out. The studio spent hours with playtesters, watching what they did, and writing in responses to some of their unexpected actions.

“We attempted to do as a great deal as we could, but at a particular point it just becomes a scoping point with the price range and schedule,” he mentioned. “But we got a lot of crazy stuff in there and it was so worth it. Anytime you can surprise a player, that is a very good point.”

Trover moves to flat screens

It was in the course of playtesting that Roiland had an epiphany. The studio was testing the game utilizing Computer monitors, and Roiland realized that it also played nicely as a conventional flat screen game.

“That was the major moment for me – exactly where I was like, holy shit, I have a video game studio with all these talented persons,” Roiland mentioned excitedly. “That’s when every thing began to shift in my brain about my connection to the studio and with games in basic for the reason that I by no means assumed myself worthy or capable of designing a video game. It just by no means occurred to me.”

Justin Roiland and Squanch Games on VR and Trover Saves the Universe

Just after that, concepts for games on flat screens began flooding his thoughts and he started to pivot toward largely playing on flat screens. This alter transformed each Trover Saves the Universe and Squanch Games as a corporation.

Trover Saves the Universe felt safer as a dual game, with the major issue getting advertising and marketing and messaging. While the game released in May perhaps, there are nevertheless these who do not know that it can be played on a typical tv. So, in addition to overcoming misconceptions about Trover, Squanch will be focusing on generating extra conventional games moving forward.

The studio will not eschew virtual reality completely, but Squanch is no longer restricted to generating VR games.

“We have some truly wonderful stuff coming that I’m so fucking excited about,” mentioned Roiland. “It’s all across distinct genres and varieties of games, but none of them are going to be VR 1st. At ideal, they’ll be VR second.”

Justin Roiland is nevertheless a VR fan

Regardless of the drastic alter in the studio’s path, Roiland mentioned that he remains an enthusiastic virtual reality supporter and nevertheless believes in the technology’s future.

“If I had billions of dollars and could just do what ever the fuck I wanted devoid of getting to be concerned about turning a profit, I would most likely only make VR games,” mentioned Roiland.

While Roiland admits that VR adoption didn’t take off as speedily as quite a few had hoped, that wasn’t a consideration for Trover Saves the Universe.

“We had been basically establishing a game for a new console, so there was constantly the query of irrespective of whether it would take off, but it wasn’t a major deal for us,” he mentioned. In truth, improvement for the game as a VR exclusive was currently nicely underway when he found that the game played nicely on flat screens.

Roiland added, “We will continue to do VR stuff – I have no wish to abandon the medium. But as a studio, we have to turn a profit. If we come to a point exactly where we have some sort of substantial hit, then you can bet your ass we’ll commence generating a bunch of weird VR games.”

He sees headsets such as the Oculus Quest as getting one particular of the strongest methods for VR to continue developing. Squanch’s projects would most likely need to have to be scaled down graphically to match the hardware, but finding persons to attempt out VR is essential.

At the very same time, he recognizes that arcade-style games such as Space Pirate Trainer and Beat Saber are dominating the VR market place. Nonetheless, he nevertheless believes that there’s space for story-primarily based games.

“I want to go on crazy adventures, expertise weird characters and worlds, with a good narrative driving me,” mentioned Roiland. “That’s how I am as a gamer. I’ve constantly been that way.”

What to anticipate from Squanch Games

Creating games is substantially distinct from operating on an animated tv show. Roiland mentioned that he worked quite closely with his companion Dan Harmon to do Rick &amp Morty, even though Squanch fairly a great deal let him do what ever he wanted, for greater or worse. Occasionally that was liberating for him, and it was terrifying at other instances.

“With games, I kept saying that it is pretty much like generating a Television show exactly where the audience can attain in and commence fucking with shit,” he mentioned. “You have to come up with new dialogue and factors every single time they mess with some thing. But that is not necessarily a undesirable point, for the reason that it was enjoyable. I’m such a gamer that I was excited by that aspect.”

Roiland mentioned that Squanch has a list of concepts, some initially meant for motion pictures but are now getting pivoted to game stories. He and his studio continue to obtain their bliss by obtaining exciting and funny factors and then seeing if they can make games out of them.

“I feel the most essential point for the studio is comedy, but also strong core gameplay,” Roiland explained. “Five years from now, it would be wonderful to have a handful of games of a variety of sizes that all felt distinct from every single other in a variety of methods – distinct types and genres – and strengthening our expertise as a group.”

Even though quite a few other little studios have a tendency to concentrate on one particular precise genre or game, Roiland desires to build games that are distinct from every single other.

“I feel the objective is to maintain surprising and delivering top quality stuff that is irreverent, funny, and feels like it is a small out of left field but nevertheless has mainstream appeal.”

Trover Saves the Universe is readily available now for Computer and PlayStation four. While the game supports virtual reality, no VR gear is essential.


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