Fallout four mods add AI-enhanced LOD textures, HD landscape & road textures, enhance interior lighting


Some new mods that enhance the visuals of Fallout four have been released this weekend. These 4 mods that we’re presenting you in this short article will enhance the interior lighting and will add new HD textures.

Let’s commence with the interior lighting mod, named “Ultra Interior Lighting“. This mod brings a lot of a lot more shadow lights and a common improvement to general lighting, ambience and fog to the interiors. The cities in which you will see these improvements are: Commonweatlh, Far Harbor and Nuka Planet.

In its most recent version, modder ‘gargorias’ enhanced the functionality problem in the Final Plank. Gargorias was in a position to accomplish this by removing the shadow cast on the window lights. Furthermore, the modder worked on enhancing the functionality and lighting in a lot of levels.

On the other hand, modder ‘luxor8071’ released a new version of his realistic HD texture overhaul for Fallout 4’s landscapes. Furthermore, the modder has also released the Genuine Roads HD Texture Pack. This pack adds new HD Textures for Sanctuary Roads, Asphalt, Asphalt Cracks, Asphalt Trim, Metal HW, Road Railings, Concrete Roads and Sidewalks.

Final but not least, modder payl0ad released a need to-have texture pack for Fallout four. This pack improves the distant LOD textures by employing AI Neural Networks. The network upscales and denoises the game’s files to 512×512 and then runs them by way of a pass of light sharpen filters for added crispiness. The visual distinction is quite noticeable, so we strongly recommend downloading and employing it. Under you can uncover some comparison screenshots.

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