Dragon Quest’s Hero has been banned from some Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments


Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character Hero has been banned from some tournaments due to his random attacks and mechanics, as reported by VG247. 

The skills of Dragon Quest’s Hero draw on the function-playing components from his series of games. A single of his specific attacks is Command Choice, and deploys one particular of 4 random attacks from a bank that increases in quantity every single time the potential is employed. Also, he has a crucial hit mechanic that enables an attack to randomly come to be a great deal far more considerable and effective. 

These random elements to the fighter devalue player ability, as argued by the South Australia Smash Central neighborhood. In a TwitLonger post, the organisation announced that from August 14, Hero will not be a viable selection at competitive events. ‘Hero is so dependent on randomness that it can not be “played around” or accounted for in competitive play. The argument is related to the explanation why things are banned in competitive play,’ the SASC stated.

‘We want to emphasise that this ban is not mainly because Hero is as well powerful, but mainly because he is anti-competitive. We think that tournaments are meant to offer an chance for players to demonstrate their ability and that, as a common rule, the player who plays far more skilfully really should emerge victorious. Hero’s design and style has a incredibly powerful prospective to de-emphasise player ability which is not fair for these who function challenging to strengthen their skills for competitors,’ it explained additional.

Its choice was met with mixed reception on Twitter. Some are delighted that the ban is in location, and other folks stated it was far as well early to inform if Hero is viable in competitive play the character was only released two weeks ago. The SASC justified that it is ‘fairer to do this now, prior to anyone’s place severe time into the character, than upset players who could possibly have place months of function in.’

The subsequent DLC character coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be Banjo and Kazooie, as announced at E3 this year. Fingers crossed they are not as divisive as fantastic ol’ Hero right here. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is offered on Nintendo Switch.


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