Devcom 2019 – Here’s why Cipsoft is not banning cheaters from MMO Tibia


The developer of lengthy-operating MMO Tibia Cipsoft has stated that it does not ban customers who are caught employing bots in the game.

Speaking at Devcom 2019, assistant manager Martin Eglseder stated that a couple of years ago, it found that about 25 per cent of its customers have been employing bots in the game to achieve menial tasks for them in the game. Cipsoft decided to implement anti-cheat computer software to stop this – in the end deciding amongst Quick Anti Cheat and BattlEye with the latter winning out – but realised that if it bans cheaters from the game, it will be losing a quarter of its userbase and income.

“If the anti-cheat is so aggressive that a player ends up leaving, we finish up in a situation exactly where we shed up to 25 per cent of the userbase and – in the worst-case situation – 25 per cent of income,” Eglseder stated.

“So we decided that if a player is botting, we basically kick them from the session. If they attempt it once more, we kick them once more. That meant that players have been blocked from botting, but not punished for attempting.”

The corporation also decided to introduce a paid service that delivers consumables – that simplifies processes like possessing to acquire a potion – but stated that this wasn’t bringing in a large quantity of income generally. It was, nevertheless, noticing person months which saw a enormous quantity of customer spending, with Cipsoft realising that this was in months when new servers have been becoming introduced. Customers have been splashing out for the service to speed up their progress in these fresh worlds, spending an typical of E81,000 compared to the typical typical month-to-month commit of E26,000. To date, this service has brought in E1m.

Cipsoft also introduced an practical experience enhance technique, asking the neighborhood no matter if it was okay with it bringing a new ‘pay-to-win’ model to Tibia. The outcome was the studio producing it so that the expense of these boosts enhanced as customers purchased much more of them in a 24 hour period upon which it is reset. The neighborhood was fine with a ‘pay-to-win’ technique, so lengthy as it turned into a ‘pay-a-lot-to-win’ technique. is a media companion of Devcom 2019. All of our coverage from Devcom 2019 can be identified right here


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